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Insane stuck throat feeling for months now. Help needed on figuring it out!
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Published: 4 years ago

Insane stuck throat feeling for months now. Help needed on figuring it out!


it's me again. I decided to give this a seperate post because it's something that has kept me busy lately. Long story short:

I've been using iodine lately (started it 3 months ago) where I first used nascent iodine. Had some weird symptoms in the beginning such as coughing up alot of pleghm and stuff. Then I gave iodoral a go, but had some weird frontal sinus pressures (and pressure behind the eyes). Yet, I did feel better when it came to having more energy and stuff (so it definitely did do me some good). However, the dizziness was unbearable (but I was also a bit sick during that time).

There is just 1 thing I cannot get over it, that's the insane tight feeling in my throat. As if something is stuck there, but it just won't go away. I think it started when I had a multivitamin that contained 150mcg of iodide (whilst I have never used anything like that, maybe I was sooo deficient that such a tiny amount would give me a slight feeling as if something was stuck in my throat). Whenever I would supplement with nascent iodine, I coughed and coughed and coughed for 2 weeks (couldn't reaaly sleep). Yet, 2 weeks later, it really cleared up the congestion in my nose, because I don't have trouble breathing through it anymore. As of now, my mucus (which is almost non-existent < or at least not as noticable as before) is also very clear contrary to the beginning where it had weird colors.

The tight throat feeling wasn't so big when I started using 50mg of iodoral but I stopped that because of the dizziness-effect I felt. I do take every co-nutriŽnt at the given doses (that many other posts have described) but for some reason, the tight feeling in my throat is getting worse lately. I am not even using iodoral anymore, just 1.8mg of nascent iodine until I get another potassium iodide solution. Basically I haven't used iodoral in a month, yet I do think that my throat feeling is getting worse (in the past 2 weeks it came back like crazy). What is my body telling my? I have done different (blood)tests including Anti-TPO tests, which came out good if u ask me (I'll post em to show the values):

Bloodtest 1 (september 2016, after being on iodoral for approx 3-4 weeks, have used some nascent iodine too before that):

TSH 7.5 mU/l range is between 0.3 and 4.2
FT4 16 pmol/l range is between 12 and 22

I always had cold hands (and still have so, which would indicate I'm kind of hypo, yet the doctor told me the results were fine)

Bloodtest 2 (december 2016, stopped iodoral shortly after bloodtest 1 because of the dizziness, but I took it every now and then. Took nascent iodine more consistently):

TSH 6.3 mU/l range is between 0.3 and 4.2
FT4 15 pmol/l range is between 12 and 22

The TSH did go down the 2nd time, I think I read somewhere that TSH goes up temporarily (up to 6 months and can go up to higher values) because the iodine is kicking in?

Bloodtest 3 (also december 2016, was an Anti-TPO test to rule out Hashimoto's):

<28 kU/l (should not exceed 60).

So I think the results seem pretty clear but this throat is killing me, my biggest concern is that may come out to be a goiter? I don't even want to think about that. Can anyone help me out plz, I feel kinda f... up (sorry I just genuinely hate to be going through this right now, but then again: I'm sure I'm not the only one and many people may even have had worse experiences)

- Main indicator that also seems wrong is that I hear noise escaping from my throat, somewhat like a rattle/gurgling. It seems as if it tight constantly, but I can hear that noise definitely from time to time. When air escapes, it gives that weird noise

List of supplements I currently take:

- Thorne Multivitamin (using it since 1 month and it's really good quality from what I heard. However, I'll see what it does to me) (u can find the values here)

It has good amounts of B-vitamins in good forms such as P-5-P etc. U can find the info in the link. It does contain 400 mcg of Chromium though, but I use it nontheless.

Before this multivitamin I used another one, but it contained folic acid in synthetic form, aswell as cyanocobalamin b12 />
- Iodine:
Nascent iodine (3 drops of 600 mcg = 1800 mcg daily)

- Salt:
Trying to do pushes as often as possible

- Vitamin C:
Did take 1g for a while, now I'm at approx 500mg a day

Used to take brazil nuts (x2) but now my multivitamin contains 200mcg of this, so I take 1 extra brazil nut (= anywhere between 50-200 mcg, depending on size).

-Vitamin D
Used to take approx 1200IU a day, but I am still at 76nmol/l which is 30ng/ml. I am taking 5000IU to see if I can hit higher values (until I reach 40-50) then I cut down to 2000IU-3000IU a day.

-Zinc 37mg
15mg bisglycinate (from Multi)
22mg picolinate (from solgar, use it every other day)

I used the solgar everyday, prior to this multivitamin because that other Multi only contained zinc citrate 10mg daily, so that would mean approx 32mg daily.

I will buy zinc picolinate 15mg and that would put me at 30mg daily

I almost never use it, but whenever I do, I always get nausea (dunno why, but I definitely do know that this causes me nausea, could anyone explain why???) 2.5mg

400-600mg a day. Mainly citrate, but I also use a complex (since 2 weeks) that contains malate,citrate and glycinate.

-Vitamin E:
Mixed tocopherols only 50-100IU a day. I don't want to dose too high on this, so I take low doses.

-Vitamin K2:
200mcg as MK7 (used it every day, but now using it once every 3 days)
45MG (yes u read that correctly 45000mcg) as Mk4 (I'm only doing this for 4 months, but that's another story)I will eventually cut this back to 5-9 mg daily

-Fish Oil
3 capsules a day providing:
2g EPA
1g DHA

Will cut this back to 1.8 EPA and DHA combined, so i.e. 2 capsules a day.

- Taurine: 1000mg to 2000mg a day

- Choline: 250-400 mg a day

- Inositol: 250-500 mg a day

- Boron: 2mg during off periods and 9mg during cycling periods

-cycling 3 days on and 3 days off (Thursday, Friday and Saturday are the days I am using it)

on the other days I only get 2mg boron (from the Multi)

If u have any other questions, plz let me know. I just hope someone can help me clarifying on what's happening to my throat. BTW, the sensation did start a bit prior to supplementing first (or at least when I started using the first stronger multivitamin, again: maybe because of the potassium iodide which I have never gotten before from a supplement even though it was only 150 mcg).

I am only like 3 months far now, doing this full protocol. Every now and then I started adding something to the regimen.


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