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progesterone and thyroid

Natural, Soothing, Progesterone Oil
Supplementation and Hormone Balancing Based on the...


Natural, Soothing, Progesterone Oil
Supplementation and Hormone Balancing Based on the...

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Published: 4 years ago

progesterone and thyroid

I have been on Iodine for 9 years. All good exept for the detoxing phase that took me 3 months. All in my history here at CZ. Now; lately. I thought that the menopause would be like a breeze, but it hit me like a hammer half a year ago. I could stand the heat waves, no problem; but when my resting pulse reached a hundred, the heart was about to jump out of my torso; I had to give in. Couldnt sleep, anxiety, couldnt eat; it made me nauceaus. Lost weight.

So I went to the doctor that I hardly have seen in 10 years.
He took all the tests I would have done if I was a MD; thyroid, sodium, potassium, iron etc. He also took an exam of the thyroid, in case of nodules. . All tests came out ”normal”

But I knew something had happened to my thyroid; as symptoms was very familiar to the ones 9 years back when I was hypo thyroid. Coldness the worst of them, thats why the heat waves was almost welcome. But I was confused; could the Iodine actually cause my symptoms? I tried everything from herbs, no herbs, iodine, no iodine. Selenium etc. All symptomes increased when I dropped the iodine. Selenium: up or down, no difference.

Then I remembered Ray Peat and his progesterone. Went to my doctor and got some bioidentical progesterone. Made from wild yam. Took some; and within a week I was almost back to normal.

Then I started reading about it; trying to find out what caused it. First of all estrogen overload, as we continue to produce estrogen ever, but the progesterone goes to zero after menopause (andropause not complete zero, but redused)

” This is what Johns Hopkins did. They ran the test for 40 years. They found when the "low progesterone" group was compared to the "normal progesterone" group, the women in the low progesterone group had 5 1/2 times the risk of breast cancer. This was not explained by differences between ages at menarche, when they started, or by menopause or the history of oral contraceptive use, the history of benign breast disease, or the age at birth of the first child. None of the other factors dislodged this ratio of 5 112 times more Breast Cancer in the low progesterone group. Then the test said, when they looked at the "low progesterone" group for all types of cancers, that women in the "low progesterone" group experienced a 10 fold increase in deaths from neoplasms compared to the "normal progesterone" group.
So having a proper level of progesterone prevents 9/10ths of all the cancers that would have occurred in these women.”

I wanted to say one more thing about progesterone. It is unique among all the other hormones in that it creates an elevation of your temperature. It's thermogenic. This is what the Roman Catholic Church uses to tell when you ovulate. When the progesterone surge first occurs, everybody will have a slight increase in temperature. You have these people going around with a slightly low temperature, depressed, with very low energy and their doctors often think that they're low in thyroid or hypothyroid. All they needed was the progesterone. This business of a little fever is part of the inflammation response which has a benefit in helping you cleanse your body of toxins, fight off infections and even stop cancers. Isn't that interesting? These signs of progesterone being beneficial are all there and have been neglected.

So, the thing could simply be TBG, thyroid binding hormone; that in a lack of progesterone keep the hormone locked into the cells. Hence the various symptoms I got, both high and low thyriod.

Writing this mostly to those who have a problem with taking iodine, could it be hormone disruption / estrogen overload instead? Also, If I can help one whith typically ”menopause” problems, I`d be happy. My periods are back BTW; I am re-started

After three weeks on bioidentical progesterone; all symptoms disappeared. Resting pulse down to the 60`ies. Heart rate normal, sleep well again, no heat flashes, also the coldness more or less gone.
Life back in three weeks; how about that

Not only for women, men can benefit from progesterone as well; search!
Here a summary of what it can do for you; sure a lot of negaives to be found as well, but with me just the right key.

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