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Re: Tiny worms coming out of pores in skin
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Published: 6 years ago
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Re: Tiny worms coming out of pores in skin

When I saw you were from Georgia I had to answer you. November 10, 2010, I was bit by a lone star tick in Georgia. Lonestar ticks will fall off you before you realize you were bitten and they are very aggressive. I was in Fayetteville GA playing by a lake with my son in a bamboo patch. I traveled to Minnesota the same night and didn't notice the tick for a couple days. A couple days after removing the tick I got an EM rash. Then all hell broke loose and I got lesions all over my body. My skin was itchy and crawled. The lesions started to emit sand like particles and fibers. Black thing started coming out of my skin randomly. Toward the end I was getting a crystal like thing that looked like glitter coming from my hair and face. I though I was going crazy I am glad my boyfriend is a psycologist and he could also see it. I went to the ER here in Minnesota but they didn't give my Antibiotic treatment. The five years after that bite I went from a responsible hardworking citizen to someone who couldn't get out of bed. I lost 30 lbs and would crawl upstairs to my room. The fibers would wax and wane during the five years. I was put in the hospital with encephalophy(SWELLING OF THE BRAIN) and was accused of being a drug addict because it is the most common reason for encephalophy. It was from the Lyme disease. Stress affected them. I got severe anxiety and a dark Depression I had never experienced. I had severe cognitive decline and fatigue. I couldn't work when I got bitten. I tried to kill myself a couple of times and was descriminated by doctors. The final straw was when I was determined to go back to school. Around that time my son had lice and it made the symptoms go haywire again. I could pinpoint when I started to decline and asked the Lyme association for a Lyme Literate doctor referral. I was tired of ignorant doctors not knowing what was wrong. I was diagnosed with Lyme, babesia, bartenella, mycoplasma pneumonia. My Lyme doctor also diagnosed me with Morgellons. She said it was a Lyme like infection of the skin however if you have lesions on your skin. You probably have them in your colon and other organs. I currently am expelling liver flukes now as well because of the meds I am on. Don't know how I got them though. I have been on Antibiotic for several months and I am starting to feel good. I had a biofilm on my skin and lady parts and took NAC for that. I no longer have biofilm. The biofilm keeps you from getting well. I take other supplements as well. Magnesium helps leg cramps. I hope you read this and good luck. A Lyme doctor is expensive and if you go that route ask the Lyme association of GA for a referral. Most doctors are clueless about Lyme and because it was a Lonestar tick I would test negative on the regular Lyme test. To me it was worth the money and I didn't have it at the time to give to a doctor because I couldn't work but I was getting scared I would never improve so it has been worth it for the improvement I have had and I continue to improve daily. I am starting to feel like my old self again. There is a protocol online to treat using herbs only but it usually takes longer to see results and it to can be expensive. Ticks are the dirtiest needle and some of these bacterial infections come from fleas or mosquitos. I hope this helps.

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