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My life with pinworms and my top food that I love to eat while living with my pinworms
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Published: 6 years ago
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My life with pinworms and my top food that I love to eat while living with my pinworms

Man I feel how you have to deal with these nasty worms for a long time.

I want to try DE someday. The result is wonderful for many people.

I was born and raise in Asia and in not very good hygiene region. My parent have never told me to wash my hands. I picked up whatever food that fall on the dirty ground surface(floor) and ate them all the time. Where I lived I saw cockroaches and big rats run around at the market where I went to buy food all the time. I ate raw pork. But I stop eating raw pork now. (My Asia friends in the US still eat raw pork, raw shrimp, raw seafood and even raw un cooked at all beef) Hmmmm anyway i had never get pinworms or any other parasites back then.

Anyway in Asia, papayas, pineapples, coconut, pomegranate and other coconut curry and plenty of sunshine almost all the time every days. And I always love to eat noodle soup with a lot of vinegar and ground pepper. And maybe the pinworm kind that Asia have are different kind that are not like American's pinworms.

I am appreciated coconut , papaya , pumpkin seeds and coconut milk here(in US) a lot. Because I can't get papaya whenever I want. I will have to go to grocery store and keep checking if there are any papaya for sale. If I live in Asia I probably go to the market every days and get them fresh and super cheap.

Anyway I hope and I believe that we can fight these worms and I wish you and people who have to deal with this feel and think positive.

Well I went to check with my dr. one time and my dr. ordered me "Albendazole" for taking 2 times for 14 days apart.

And my dr. told me that I had to asked my partner if he got it. My dr. didn't talk kindly to me. I was so ashamed but asked him anyway.

I told him that you need to take "albendazole" because my dr. want people who live with me to be treated but he refuses.

after i took 'albendazole' from my dr. My pinworms went away for 3 weeks. Then come back. Well I dare not to go to see my dr. anymore. I am shy.

So i read about herb for healing on cure zone and did that for a while with very strict Sugar diet. It's help but my pinworms still not leave my body.

Then I did ICU protocol. It seem the best method for me. 400mg Am and PM

at the first week of ICU protocol. I got a lot of rash on my arms, around my waist. But the second week I have ICU protocol with strict diet and cocomilk , pumpkin seed, coco flake, garlic , onion, stir fried ginger with fish. These food are top to stop pinworms activity for me.

Sorry too long. I wish you guy share what the top food that you love to eat to stop pinworms activity and suppress itching. And also how is your dairy life routine living with pinworms.

Other people might see some idea and able to use with themselves.

I got a lot of tips how to deal with my pinworms from cure zone.

Love and peace
wish you guy are getting well.

p.s right now I have my liver rest .. today is my second day without albendazole but with taking a lot of food that slowdown or stop or pause pinworm's activity. They are still quiet in my ass hole for now. I have to dump my worms with my food every 2-3 hour during the day.

Such as , as soon as i get up .. shake cocomilk with pumpkin seed.. then 2 hr later papaya seed shake or chop garlic or chop onion .. then stir fried ginger .. or later garlic again.. or 2 hr later papaya meat. just keep taking food they hate all day long. hmmmmm

A plus that happen to me.. I think my skin look and feel better from cocomilk and coco flake and papaya. I loose my weight like 19lbs.

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