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Published: 6 years ago


Hey this is my first post on curezone. My name is Andy, the username PTG stands for post traumatic growth. I was initially reluctant to commit to a forum like this because I don't want to marinate in my disease and I want away from any negativity. I think mindset is imperative to healing and the "you'll never heal" or "evidence of permanent damage" type of commentary deterred me for a long time. But I'm back because I want to share what I'm learning and I want to engage in a community of people working together to achieve optimal health. I don't care what the MDs say or what kind of dogma is being espoused, I don't think there is a ceiling on our happiness even after scary diagnoses or terrible, unnatural, chemical assault. I think the body is resilient and we can all heal. And the only possible starting place is believing.

So I'm looking for two things. One is some way to get a group together to support one another and offer encouragement and updates and discuss the lessons of the healing journey and weird things like oil pulling and coffee enemas, the things that don't appeal to your average coworker or family member. The other is advise on where to look for encouragement. I want to hear about treating gut dysbiosis and overcoming iatrogenic injury, but without having to wade through all the degrading negativity. Does anyone know of a good place for positive anecdotes or books or videos or speakers or online sites or practitioners or any second-hand inspiring story about achieving great health, overcoming grim odds. Illness can do a number on a person's attitude after a while and I think it's important to try to stay upbeat.

Anyway I don't want to go on too long, but in a nutshell I was raised on psych drugs which I disliked. I chose to get off when I moved away from home as soon as I turned 18, wasn't totally off of everything until 21. the withdrawals were terrible beyond description. I was given several courses of Antibiotics , vaccinations, steroid inhalers, an appendectomy, I was basically a regular at Shawnee Mission Medical Center despite being in decent health. Now at 22 I'm dealing with the aftermath--a crap ton of health problems. Awful digestion, fatigue, brain fog, systemic candidiasis, the whole nine yards. New symptoms coming and going every day. I don't want to hear claims about how damaging allopathic medicine is, believe me I know; you're preaching to the converted. At this point it's too late for me just like it is for many people raised in this generation and the important thing is what can we do from here? We're on the frontiers of reclaiming our autonomy, our birthright of life without chronic illness. I know I'll overcome this and I know that this challenge came into my life to teach me and sculpt me into something beyond what I could be without it. A slap in the face to wake me up. One day I'll be glad I got sick, it's just what to do until then to evolve. Anyone who has ideas or insights or inspiration about how they have been positively transformed by their health struggles, where we could get a more closely-knit community, or where to look for inspiration, please post below! Thanks for reading!

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