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Re: Need help to IDENTIFY
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Published: 6 years ago
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Re: Need help to IDENTIFY


Get out of your head an individual parasite. It's Morgellons, and it's connected to a lot of genetically altered 'goo.'

I had to throw out a lot of food too, also household itmes. It broke my heart as some of them were given to my by friends that have since passed, and my mom and dad.

But you know what? They're just things. My health and my pets' health is the most important.

On top of everything else I'm going to tell you tomorrow, pleasebuy a black light, 365nM, made in the USA. I think there's one called actually called It's $27, they go up to $400. When it's dark go around and see if anything fluoresces a yellow-green in the house. I believe that to be the Morgellons agents of infection. I call it Morgellons' house mold.

What I did was buy an Airpura air purifier. It was $900 and I only make about 24K a year! It has a UV cleanser. It attracts the little spidery white floss that is raining down on us from the planes. I also went around the house throwing out, or 'iodine-ing' everything there. It leaves an orange staine which I get rid of with 13% bleach from the pool supply place. Very toxic though. Get a mask if you use it.

The bad news is the fluorescence reappears in small dots within a few days, weeks. That's where the air purifier comes in.

When I did this I almost had a heart attack. It was deeply embedded in the paint, in every plastic container I had (I threw out almost 100%). It has eaten into metal objects included my stove. IT LOVES plastic. It had somehow transformed my clay pottery dishes and pots. I doused them with iodine, and some hard particles actually started protruding from - a mug, I believe - colored purple brown.

It doesn't like glass.

I blacklight everthing I clean now, and I would paint, except that I rent, not own, and am more interested in getting the heck out of here. Chemtrails are almost everywhere, but in a colder environment, it will be harder for this stuff to grow. I am thinking Canada. Or maybe the Arctic, lol.

If you have it on the paint, I was going to try a natural paint, like one made with Tung Oil. As I didn't try it, don't know if it will work.

In the meantime, the Airpura air purifier was the best one I could find. Every other one I looked up on Amazon, even more expensive ones, had some terrible reviews that made a lot of sense.

If you can afford it, get the one that makes oxygen. That's $1200. Because of these chemtrails, our oxygen level is a lot lower than it used to be. I couldn't afford it.

The people at Airpura said their purifiers are flying off the shelf. Something is up, and even if people don't know exactly what is going on, they know the air is very toxic.

We are living in times never before seen. Our own beloved government is using us a biological warfare experiments. I researched this and it seems they have been doing it since the 60's - not chemtrails, other ways. That's as early as I could find.

Keep your chin up, the Chinese symbol for crises is two symbols together:

Danger, and Opportunity

More tomorrow when I finish this insane amount of things I have to do today. Sorry for any typos, don't have time to review.


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