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Really, really depressed
stephaniefromgnv Views: 1,239
Published: 6 years ago

Really, really depressed

I am so incredibly depressed today. I spent most of my precious time today arguing with a bunch of people on about vitamin C. Me: for, them: against.

Here's the link:

No matter what I quoted, what evidence I gave, to what professional journals I linked, they were getting more and more dismissive, and contemptuous.

They were quoting from NIH, WHO, Mayoclinic and quackwatch. No one even bothered to read my posts, I think.

They were talking about the wonder of vaccines and how we have the best health system in the world.

Nobody even read the link I provided to a self-admission from a whistle blower / doctor who worked at the CDC who said the CDC lied on its studies on adverse results in relation to the MMR vaccine.

Finally, the moderator, who said you get all the vitamin C you need from vegatables and fruits, stopped letting my posts go through.

I lost my best friend because she didn't 'believe' in Morgellons and chemtrails. A really smart lady. Good critical thinking. Wouldn't even read the research I recommended, well documented and from scientists and engineers. Said I was hallucinating and needed help. Wouldn't look at the particles, that I still had, that had come from me, from every orifice in my body.

I was also almost Baker acted by my local psychiatric hospital, who was treating me for Depression after my mother died last year, for being concerned about chemtrails. The doctor there said I was hallucinating too. The plumes were right outside their picture sized window. 20 to 30 planes going back and forth, back and forth...

It was only because I am extremely well educated and very verbal in my complaints (so I knew how to write) to higher authorities that not only was I not Baker acted, but they transferred him to another department in the hospital (NOTE: the did not fire him for patient abuse and malpractise)..

And now I am frightened to complain to the agencies that monitor health abuse because anyone, anyone at all, can report me to Homeland Security for some made up excuse and the CIA and FBI can come to my front door and arrest me on the spot without a warrant, and without a charge, because Obama made it so the week before he quit office.

This is just awful. We are living in Stalinist Russia, but we don't know it yet.

It's almost a shame I wasn't Baker acted. I am usually not liltigious, but every lawyer I called in this case said, "Well, you would have had a really good case if you were actually involuntarily put in a hospital, but because he only verbally abused his power in a private appointment, it's not good enough.

Time to have a good cry.

Ps: If anyone feels like giving their support to me in the thread at, you have my blessing. Not sure the moderator will let it through, though.

Don't be as rude as I was, though, if you do. I told them they were ignorant



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