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Cancerous tumor on the left ovary, need suggestions

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Eric B Views: 2,201
Published: 4 years ago

Cancerous tumor on the left ovary, need suggestions

A family member living in Europe have cancerous tumor on the left ovary.

Sne needs suggestions from those who have experience with similar problem.

She is 75 years old, and was just diagnosed a few days ago, after more than one month of different tests and scanning.
She felt and new it was cancer already in January.

This is what she has been doing since january and is also doing today:

- Iodine painting on the belly skin (started in January)

- she consumes seaweed for extra minerals (selenium, boron , iodine) (she consumes japanese seaweed like kombu, wakame, arame, nori) (started in february)

- unrefined Sea Salt (was always part of her diet, she is diet conscious)

- Budwig diet (flaxseed oil + cottage cheese blend with some cayenne and paprika) (started in february)

- fresh vegetable juices, made fresh at home, (Breuss diet and Gerson diet ) (started in January)

- some ocean fish occasionally (always part of her diet)

- calf liver cooked or baked occasionally for extra vitamins (started in january, but was occasionally a part of her diet before)

- chicken soup occasionally (always part of her diet)

- laughing, watching funny videos every day (started in January)

- taking walks in the nature, sunshine

- psychotherapy

- zapper (some Russian type of zapper)

She has ascites, ( accumulation fluid in the abdominal (peritoneal) cavity).

Doctors have removed 2,5 liter of water 3 weeks ago.

She is against vitamins and minerals in pill form, and prefer to get it from natural foods like seaweed , animal liver , ocean fish, unrefined Sea Salt etc.

Doctors have not yet come up with a suggestion on how to treat it.

She has Colloidal Silver maker and will be making Colloidal Silver and will be dipping a tampon into the Colloidal Silver and keeping it inside vagina.

I need a few more ideas what she could do at home.

Any suggestions ?

Any survivors with personal experience ?



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