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Fast & Grow Young Fasting Pep Talk #2

Original Hulda Clark
Hulda Clark Cleanses

Original Hulda Clark
Hulda Clark Cleanses

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Published: 6 years ago

Fast & Grow Young Fasting Pep Talk #2

DAY 10
The Fasting Pep Talk #2

Hang a full-length mirror above your bed so you can lay on your back and see your entire body, or lay such a mirror on its side next to your bed so you can see yourself in all its glory.

As you look at your body, imagine that beneath the skin, deep in the tissues, permeating the cells and even within the bones and organs is an intelligence. Imagine it in whatever form makes sense to you--as a permeating energy, as little beings running around, as a glowing aura. Imagine that this force, this awareness, this willful consciousness, a power of some sort is alive within your body. It is not an invading force from the outside, but one that is being generated from within. It is a force that has existed within your body since the moment you were conceived, but it has remained dormant for all these years.

For all the previous years of your life, you've subscribed to a regimen of eating every few hours--3 meals a day--for every single day, every single week, every single month and for every single year of your life in the belief that this was the way to survive and maintain health. Now, however, you've decided to do an extended fast and, finally, your healing code has come alive.

Yes, now your healing code is being activated--the force has come alive! It is not a malevolent force, but the most beneficial and supportive force known to man--it is the power of Nature--as designed!

Imagine this code energizing your cells, searching for scar tissue, healing wounds, eliminating accumulations in perfect sequence. Imagine it secretly preventing illnesses that you were on track to experience in the future. Imagine it correcting blood chemistry. Imagine it going back through time to address specific issues in reverse order. Imagine it secreting substances to dissolve damaged cells in previously injured areas.

Imagine this inner intelligence, this healing code working silently within your body--grateful, if you will, for the opportunity to show you what it can do. Imagine it as a part of your being, a part of you that has always existed and that has been waiting to be set free to do what it was designed and coded to do for you in your times of distress and dis-ease.

Imagine the amazing things it can accomplish with just one more day of fasting. Each day it goes deeper into the tissues, deeper into the organs, deeper into the cells to clean, dissolve, autolyze, to return the body to its original state of pristine youth. One more overnight session of sleep will bring you a few steps closer to the deep and permanent healing you seek. Its healing power gets stronger with each additional day you fast. It's proceeding at a pace and in a sequence that has been programmed by Nature. All it requires is just a little more time. Just one more day. Just one more day. Just one more day.

Don't quit before the next milestone! You can do it! Hang in there! May the force be with you! You can fast & grow young!


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