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Atypical Meniere's Diagnosis — Is This My New Reality. I Can't Take It.
LongIslandGuy Views: 229
Published: 4 years ago

Atypical Meniere's Diagnosis — Is This My New Reality. I Can't Take It.

I have atypical Meniere's Dx. Meaning, I have tinnitus, fullness, hyperacusis and autophony (hearing myself speak). I DO NOT HAVE vertigo.

Duration of the this problem almost one year.

MRI, blood work are all normal.

I have seen 2 ENTs and 2 Neurotologists.

I have tried:


-Neomycin ear drops


-Ginkgo biloba


-Vitamin E

-Warm compression on the ear

-Lipo Flavonoid Plus


-Prednisone twice

-Diuretic for over 7 months.

I am still getting attacks.

The latest Neurotologist is telling me that I don't have Meniere's Dx. It is either:

1- Eustachian Tube Dysfunction which ear tube would solve the problem 75% of the time.
Tympanostomy should be done

2- Otic Migraine: is also know as Vestibular migraine. According to the Johns' Hopkins Medicine guide "Vestibular Migraine," conditions which may be confused with otic migraines include a series of small strokes, Meniere's Disease. The triggers for the otic migraine are largely food related. Red wine and dried fruit with sulfates are major migraine triggers. Foods with large amounts of caffeine such as coffee and soda must be avoided, as well as monosodium glutamate (MSG), a common component in Chinese food. Otic migraines can also be caused by too much salt in the diet, low blood Sugar or a lack of sleep

I am now on a Migraine diet to avoid trigger that cause my attack.

3-TMJ (temporomandibular joint syndrome) I will need to get a face massage done.

I got the tympanostomy done and it was hell. The results were disastrous. I immediately had a major reduction in my ability to hear. Bass sounds were gone and low level ambient sounds were also gone. In fact my ears felt more plugged than ever and everything sounded like I was under water. Having conversations was a chore as people had to repeat themselves to me. My own voice sounded like I was hearing myself with a bad cold and not like it was coming in through the air. Sounds like I'm underwater. When I speak, I can only hear my voice in my head, as it does when you put your fingers in both ears to speak. I cannot hear my voice 'from the outside'. Feels like my right ear is completely plugged! Everything was muffled

IS THIS MY NEW REALITY? I am at the end of my ropes. Sometimes I do want to kill myself. I don't know if i can deal with this for the rest of my life. I want to be normal again. Please God help me or someone. I am having an attack right now while I am writing this.

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