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Expelled perfectly round sphere during parasite protocol- what is it / has anyone else had this?

Tapeworms, Round worms, Flukes?
Hulda Clark Cleanses

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Published: 5 years ago

Expelled perfectly round sphere during parasite protocol- what is it / has anyone else had this?

While on a parasite killing herbal regimen per Hulda Clark (augmented w/turpentine & castor oil) besides eliminating the standard round worm & fluke type things as well as longer segmented pieces that looked like pieces of a tapeworm, after I froze castor oil caps (to try to clear the last 15' of my small intestine) and took them before my other parasite killing agents, the next day besides eliminating more wormy type things, I also eliminated a Perfectly Round clear sphere. It was really strange- it was about 1cm big, clear-ish [but seemed to be stained yellow/brown] - it looked like a bath bead- not like an organic thing at all & not like Anything i'd ever heard of anyone eliminating. At first I thought it was a bubble as it was so perfectly round- when I poked around at it, I found it was a perfect sphere; the more I poked at it, trying to raise it out of the water to photograph more, it eventually popped and seemed to have some liquid inside (& was rather delicate); after it popped, it was just a slimy shell that lost all shaped and had the standard biofilm/mucus look. I took photos but they didn't show up that great - u can't tell how much of a perfect sphere it was or the oddness of it really. And, I have No Idea what it could be. I was on a clear liquid diet at the time so nothing I ate; and it was the wrong shape to be a pill or capsule (bc those are oval shaped, not perfectly round spheres). I searched on CZ and couldn't find another account of someone expelling something like this so I have No Idea what it could be. I found this image online, the spheres in it are the closest image I could find to how this looked: but what this is - Echinococcus multilocularis - is really scary [but not out of the question since I was living on a ranch 3 yrs ago where we had alot of wild foxes we'd feed in our yard at night & they'd poop all over the yard & it's a parasite common in wild foxes in my area. And, I expelled it on the same day I expelled what looked like a piece of a strange tapeworm]. Does anyone have any ideas?

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