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Re: Heavy infestation for years, No one believes me, Now it's getting serious please help.
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Published: 5 years ago
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Re: Heavy infestation for years, No one believes me, Now it's getting serious please help.

It sounds like you are certainly infected with at least a few things, the pictures and what you describe in feces sound like roundworms. Cyst forming can be many species, but also your body could be forming fat cysts as roundworm infestations cause the inability to process fats (not sure, just a guess). Acid, hunger,nausea all fit the roundworm problem.
They form nests around the body and legs can hurt when that happens there, they invade tissues and bones too.
There are currently no medical tests to get an accurate or positive diagnosis. Doctors are clueless on treating these conditions.
I can recommend Dr Yu in StLouis who is the only one seem to be able to diagnose and treat these conditions with a limited success. Many that went there had a positive result but you might need to self treat afterwards. He takes no insurance so you need to be prepared to pay a few thousands upfront.
Also, the more infections you have the more complicated the issue is. It takes a long time to eliminate long standing infections, one by one. Can easily take years.
You can also read where lots of practical info is written about parasite protocols, chelation etc. If you have floaters in your eyes it means your infection is out of control and you should be on meds asap. You can lose your eyesight if you don't treat them now. Floaters are tiny worms in your eyes. These are treated with DEC and piperazines and ivermectin. They also cause huge organ damage, in brain and elsewhere and cognitive impairment.
For the acid in the morning better to take a heaping teaspoon of papain powder in 150ml pure unsweetened cranberry juice. Acid is the birth of roundworm babies and eggs, so are nightsweats. Papain digests these eggs before they hatch as they destroy their outer protein shell. Take also a heaping teaspoon PM. Nightsweats need ivermectin, daily. There is much more,you might want to read mattk3's document here in the upload section called Ascaris 123, he talks about infections and meds and what they do, also removing toxins is a core element while doing the cleanses. Enemas every night with at least 500ml salty distilled water is a must for at least a year. Avoid coffee, drugs, simple carbs, stimulants, hormones and supplements that bodybuilders use. These all make roundworms birth more. Tinctures and herbs have a very limited effect and they just drive them deeper in your body.
If you search mattk3's and my past posts, you will find lots of info on med dosing etc.
You need meds. Meds you start on a very small and low dose and work up gradually. You can try a standard dose of ivermectin for your weight which should help brain fog and the floaters in your eyes. You will need to do lots of self study/reading and self treat.
PS night sweats and other symptoms can also be signs of lyme and its coinfections

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