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Re: Heavy infestation for years, No one believes me, Now it's getting serious please help.
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Published: 4 years ago
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Re: Heavy infestation for years, No one believes me, Now it's getting serious please help.

Thank you for your reply. It's good to know someone understands. I see the stuff in my stool so much I just know what it is, I started to see an oncologist and had an appointment today to review the 6 stool samples we had collected. No parasites found but now I have been diagnosed with Porphyrias, it's some kind of blood disorder. I am pretty sure roundworms caused this even tho of course no doctor would believe that. Despite nodules appearing in the top of my bicep muscle, and along the crest of my thighs, even starting in my calve muscles. I was doing the DE for about a month and also taking Wormwood /blackwalnut hull before that. I was doing coffee enemas for a while and had stopped recently, I was going to restart them after purchasing a bag instead of filling up typical saline fleet enemas and using those. After this diagnosis however I am worried about hyperactivating my liver. ( I think that's what coffee enemas do ?) I am on disability and have no assets, I was made to believe I was totally fine for so long and started to just accept it- feeling that it had to get really bad before it could be diagnosed and treated. How else could I acquire this medicine? I have heard Iver is the best when nothing else works. Is this something that would show up in a colonoscopy? Surely if I am passing big ones like this there has to be something visible by colonoscopy. I intend to get referred regardless to determine what damage has taken place, but I am in a situation where I have to get a medical professional to believe me and take that root as far as obtaining medication. The oncologist I was referred to for the salivary gland and the one diagnosing me with the porphyrias today is the first medical person to seems like he feels something is going on and not brushing me off or making me feel like it's in my head or something. I literally cannot have a bowel movement and sometimes put food on my stomach without laying flat on the carpet and sliding the lower back horizontally immediately after. If I don't do this I will throw up profusely, and dry heaves could go on for hours. Nausea meds never help me and a pain med always fixes me right up, almost like nothing happened- I could eat a full meal right after, this has tarnished my medical record I believe and I am assuming that there is some sort of drug seeker label in my chart. I assure you I have never had an opiate addiction- there was a time I went to the ER so much I had pain med in my system from a previous visit and pretty certain this was overlooked because of the way I was confronted about it. Very sad really- pain med fixing the problem tells me that pain is the problem, caused by worms or whatever it may be. One ER doctor prescribed me a 12 day dose of albenza, for peace of mind, I don't know if this hurts the roundworms or not, typically for Tapeworms I think- but the last 5 days of taking that is the best I ever felt in a very long time. Should I start taking the diatomecous earth again? I thank you for your time, would you mind corresponding private message, or is just back and forth on here better? I really don't know where else to turn and I know it has gotten worse and out of hand. I need my life back, and I don't want to die from something like this. I am going to reread your post and hope you will keep replying-this sucks so bad and I feel all alone, everytime I go there is stuff like a slime and sometimes it looks like strings attached to my stool, like it's feeding on it or growing out of it. I am starting to feel like a stroke or dementia patient in my day to day and I KNOW it is from this. So you probably answered most of my questions in your post and I am going to reread it again now- it feels like I am just going on and on but I am desperate. What would you do if you were in my situation and if you were me? Like what should I start with right away? I really wish I could get meds. I have researched quite a bit in the past 2-3 years maybe longer about parasites, for awhile I thought they were hookworms, but the cysts and growths just make me think roundworm. There are no segments that I can see. I know it's gross but I actually have to dig this stuff out of me in the shower, that's how bad the infection is, you can see the tiny babies wash off in the water. I cannot believed I just typed that, but this is literally what's going on, it's that bad. Sorry to repeat myself hopefully I am not the first to freak out on here. I am pretty sure I have liver flukes as well, I see the "red sticks" frequently. but never really went serious with any kind of protocol, now they are so prevalent I wish I had. I guess I started to believe that I was fine like the doctors would say. I am going to look into what you have written, starting with the papain

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