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(Plant Stem Cell Therapy)
What is gemmotherapy?
Gemmotherapy is an area of phytotherapy or herbal medicine that uses buds and young shoots of trees and shrubs. They are harvested in spring, at some point in their natural development cycle, and are prepared fresh in a mixture of water, alcohol and glycerine.
Buds and young shoots are composed of embryonic tissues in full development which contain the whole power of the future plant ; that is why they are a real energy and vitality concentrate. They also contain many active elements which will no longer be present in the mature plant. This explains the wide range of applications and the effectiveness of gemmotherapy remedies.
Gemmotherapy was created in the 60s by Dr. Pol Henry, a Belgian doctor. He published the results of his research and clinical trials in 1970 and called this new therapy "Phyto-embryotherapy". This discipline was taken up again and developed later on by Dr. Max Tétau, a French homeopath, who has called it "Gemmotherapy". This word derives from the Latin "gemmae" meaning both plant bud and precious stone. This name has been universally adopted.
An important advantage of bud macerates is that their properties remain stable over time. The expiry date marked on the bottle is legally obligatory but does not imply that the content will have lost its properties after that date.
Why is it effective ?
The buds and young shoots are composed of embryonic tissues which contain all the genetic information of the future plant. In addition to containing vitamins, oligoelements, and minerals, buds and young shoots are richer in nucleic acids and growth hormones than other plant tissues. They also contain other active substances, such as auxins (phytohormones) and gibberellins (GAs or plant hormones), which start to disappear after a plant reaches a certain point in its growth. Buds affect all levels of the human being: physical, even cellular, and psychical.
As Gemmotherapy uses tissues in full development, its remedies combine the properties of the whole plant, i.e. as well those of the flowers, as those of the leaves, the fruits, the sapwood, and the rootlets. For example, the Linden Tree (TiliaTomentosa) gemmotherapy extract not only possesses the sedative properties of the flowers, but also the purifying and diuretic properties of the sapwood. The same applies to the gemmotherapy extract of Hawthorn (Crataegus oxyacantha) which has the properties of the fruit (action on the cardiac muscle) and of the flower (action on the cardiac rhythm).
Think of combining Gemmotherapy with nutritherapy for a maximum of effectiveness. Gemmotherapy remedies give us something like an information on where, when and how to use the Nutritherapy products.
What is the standard dosage? (adults)
Normally your therapist will give you the dosage corresponding to your precise problem. In a general way, in acute phase, one will take from 2 to 5 drops 3 to 7 times per day. And that during one to maximum three days. If the acute phase is not calmed you probably need another bud.
For a one-time disease which is not in acute phase, take 5 to 15 drops per day until the symptoms disappear and during maximum 3 weeks. If necessary, after a week stopping, you can repeat the treatment during a new phase of three weeks. If such a long treatment does not have the expected result(s) you should better change of bud or remedy.
For a ground treatment (preventive and curative), take 5 to 15 drops per day for 3 weeks in a row followed by a week off and this three times. Then one month off before returning to the same cycle, if necessary.
A 50ml bottle contains roughly 700 drops. Enough, in example, for 3 cycles of a 3-week 10-drops/day treatment or for 2 cycles of a 3-week 15-drops/day treatment.
List of products per application
ALLARGEM: to balance up an allergic ground, to get a relief quickly.
Blackcurrant: to invigorate the body constitution.
COLOGEM : to help restore the intestinal barrier
DEPURAGEM: to clean the body, to fight against the effects of alcohol
RASPBERRY : to harmonize hormonal balance, recommended in (post-) menopause
Juniper: to assist and relieve the liver
GINKGOGEM : to fight against free radicals
IMMUNOGEM: to stimulate and strengthen the natural defences
BILBERRY : significant anti-diabetic action by promoting assimilation of sugars and regulation of insulin levels
Walnut: to strengthen the intestinal flora, to support the immune system
Elm: to solve skin problems, to drain the body
Bramble: to appease obstructed airways, to reduce allergy
Dog Rose: to aid natural defences and growth of children
SANOGEM : to curb the development of pathogen germs
Silver Fir: to support mineral balance and calcium setting
Cowberry: to fight against premature ageing of tissues, to lighten the problems of menopause, to drain the bladder
ARTIGEM: to relieve pain and to improve the flexibility of articulations
Blackcurrant: to invigorate the body constitution and combat rheumatism
Raspberry: to harmonize hormonal balance, recommended in (post-)menopause
Ash: to make flexible and strengthen ligaments and muscles
Bilberry: significant anti-diabetic action by promoting assimilation of sugars and regulation of insulin levels
OSTEOGEM: to facilitate the assimilation of calcium, to preserve the bones
Mountain Pine: to fight against the destruction of cartilage, to regenerate cells at the articular level
Horsetail: to consolidate the bone structure, to facilitate the assimilation of calcium
Bramble: to counter knee osteoarthritis and osteoporosis
Dog Rose: to aid natural defences and growth of children
GIANT REDWOOD : to strengthen bones, to make tendons and ligaments flexible
Virginia Creeper: to relieve the small finger joints, tendons and ligaments
Grape Vine: to slow articular deformation
Sweet Almond: to thin blood, to lower the rate of triglycerides in blood, to preserve the proper functioning of the kidneys
Judas tree: to assist blood irrigation (pain in hands and feet), to reduce eye tension
Hawthorn: to strengthen and protect the heart, to maintain a correct tension
Hornbeam: to eliminate toxins from blood
Sweet Chestnut: to facilitate the venous circulation
CHOLESTEGEM: to stabilize good cholesterol, to reduce bad cholesterol
Lemon-tree: to drain the venous system (in the legs)
CORDIAGEM: to treat heart and arteries
Dogwood: to protect the heart and the venous system
Hedge Maple: to reduce cholesterol, to treat atherosclerosis
GINKGOGEM: to improve blood circulation, to assist concentration and memory, to fight against free radicals, to bring oxygen to the brain
Mistletoe: to protect the heart, to reach a correct tension
MAIZE: to solidify vascular walls
Horse Chestnut: to improve venous circulation
Olive: to stimulate concentration and memory
Black Poplar: to naturally clean arteries
Service tree: to promote good blood circulation
Tamarisk: to promote and maintain the level of iron in the blood
VENAGEM: to relieve heavy legs
Birch: elimination of wastes
DEPURAGEM: to clean the body, to fight against the effects of alcohol
DEPURASEVE: to clean the body of wastes and toxins
Ash: TO reduce the level of uric acid, to cure gout condition
Juniper: to help and relieve the liver
Elm: to solve skin problems, to drain the body
PRESTAGEM: to harmonize the prostatic function
Rosemary: to trap free radicals, to protect the hepatic system
Rye: to regulate the liver, to harmonize the prostate function
Linden tree: to drain the nervous system, to support a good sleep
COLOGEM : to help restore the intestinal barrier
TRANSIGEM : to promote the intestinal transit
Comfrey Ointment: to regenerate the conjunctive tissues and the skin
Cedar of Lebanon: to drain the cutaneous system, to eliminate toxins from the body
CELLULIGEM: to eliminate durably cellulitis
CELLUSEVE: to eliminate the excess weight and the associated problems
DEPURASEVE: to clean the body of wastes and toxins
Fig tree: to reduce the problems of stress, to procure a good night rest
Juniper: to help and relieve the liver
HORSE CHESTNUT : to reduce skin problems in the face
Bilberry: to support the assimilation of sugar, to control the level of insulin
Elm: to resolve skin problems, to drain the body
Oriental Plane Tree: to act on the coloured plaques of the skin
European Alder: to decrease the inflammatory phases at the respiratory and venous level, to support the kidneys
Hornbeam: to eliminate the blood toxins
Hazel: to drain the lungs
PROPOLIS L.S.: to reinforce the immune system, to kill the microbes of the respiratory tracts
Bramble: to alleviate obstructed respiratory tracts, to reduce allergies
SINUGEM: to render healthy the respiratory tracts
Smoker's Syrup: to fight against cough of smokers, to strengthen the lungs
Syrup for Colds and Chills: to fight against colds and chills
Wayfaring tree: to alleviate respiratory tracts
CEDAR OF LEBANON : to soothe irritated respiratory tract
Hawthorn: to act as sedative of the central nervous system (CNS)
CALMIGEM: to reduce nervousness, to combat stress
Fig tree: to reduce stress problems, to get a good night rest
NOCTIGEM: to promote sleep, to increase the quality of the sleep
Hazel: to balance the nervous system
Olive: to fight against obsessional neurosis
Apple tree: to calm the nervous system in cases of overwork, to help in case of dependencies (alcohol and tobacco)
Linden tree: to promote a good sleep
Blackcurrant: to invigorate the body
Oak: to invigorate the body
Fig tree: to reduce stress problems, to get a good night rest
Juniper: to help and relieve the liver
GINKGOGEM : to promote concentration and memory, to oxygenate the brain
MEMOGEM: to stimulate memory and concentration, to increase resistance against fatigue
Olive: to stimulate concentration and memory
Giant Redwood: to invigorate the body in general
TONIGEM: to invigorate, to fight against tiredness and somnolence, to drive out depression
Cowberry: to fight against premature ageing of tissues, to reduce problems of the menopause, to drain the bladder
European Alder: to counter cystitis and fibroids
Birch: to counter frigidity
Raspberry: to harmonize the hormonal balance, to relieve the difficult menstruations, recommended in (post-)menopause
Elm: to resolve skin problems, to drain the body
Apple tree: to fight against hot flushes, to help in case of dependencies (alcohol and tobacco)
Service tree: to promote a good blood circulation
Blackcurrant: to invigorate the body, recommended in the treatment of prostatitis and chronic gout
PRESTAGEM: to harmonize the prostatic function
Rye: to regulate the liver function, to harmonize the prostatic function
Giant Redwood: to fortify the body, to revitalize the sexual activity
Juniper: to help and relieve the liver
Bilberry: significant anti-diabetic action by promoting assimilation of sugar and regulation of insulin levels and so improving the view
OPTIGEM: to improve the ocular function, to relieve tiredness of the eyes
Optigem Eye drops: to relieve sensible and tired or dry eyes
Fig tree: to reduce stress problems, to get a good night rest
PROPOLIS L.S.: to reinforce the immune system, to kill the microbes of the respiratory tracts
Syrup for your Voice: to relieve the vocal cords, to refresh the voice
List of symptoms with recommended products
The priority products in italic.
Abscess: Elm and Walnut (5 drops of each, alternating, 1 day Walnut, 1 day Elm)
Aches (and/or stiffness of the muscles): Blackcurrant, Grape Vine
Acne: Blackcurrant, Allargem, Depuragem
Acute rhinitis: see coryza
Adrenal glands or suprarenal glands (stimulates the): Blackcurrant
Allergy: Juniper, Birch, Blackcurrant (during 3 months), Allargem, Depuragem, Cologem,
Androgen (stimulates the male function): Birch, Giant Redwood
Anemia: Fig tree, Hazel
Angina pectoris: Hawthorn (to take towards 12:00)
Anguish: Fig tree, Hawthorn, Linden tree
Antibiotic (action): Walnut, European Alder, Sanogem, Cologem
Antifungal: Walnut, Sanogem
Antihistamine: Blackcurrant, Birch
Anti-inflammatory: Blackcurrant, Birch, European Alder, Cologem, Transigem
Antispasmodic: see spasm
Anti-toxic: See detoxification
Antiviral: Dog Rose, Sanogem
Anxiety: see anguish
Aphtha: Fig tree, European Alder
Appetite (regulates): Fig tree (early in the morning)
Arrhythmia: see hart
Arteritis: Black Poplar, Walnut, European Alder, Dogwood, Venagem
Arthritis: Birch, Juniper
Arthrosis: see rheumatism
Arthrosis of de knee: Dog Rose, Blackcurrant, ArtigemM
Asthenia: see fatigue
Asthma: Association de Hazel, Wayfaring tree et Blackcurrant (5 drops of each 2 times per day)
Bite (insect) (internal and external use): Blackcurrant (antihistamine action)
Bladder (drainage): Birch, Juniper, Cowberry
Bleeding gums (gingivitis): Oak
Bloating: see flatulence
Blood circulation (difficult): Sweet Chestnut, European Alder, Rosemary, Service tree, Venagem
Blood platelets (increases): Hornbeam
Blood (fluidifies the): Dogwood, Rosemary et European Alder (5-10 drops each 1 time/day)
Blood thinner: Lemon-tree, CordiagemM
Bones (stimulates the): Birch, Giant Redwood, Mountain Pine, Bramble, Osteogem
Brain: Fig tree (balances the pituitary gland or hypophysis), Olive, Giant Redwood, European Alder, Memogem
Brain circulation: European Alder, Memogem
Bronchitis: Blackcurrant, Bramble, Immunogem, Sanogem, Depuragem, Cologem
Calcium (facilitates assimilation of): Silver Fir, Cowberry
Calming: See sedative
Cancer (final phase): Juniper, Birch, Mistletoe
Cartilage (combat wear of): Mountain Pine, Artigem
Cellulitis: Sweet Chestnut, Juniper, Celluligem
Cephalalgia: See headache
Cerebral atherosclerosis: Blackcurrant, Juniper, Olive, Memogem
Cholagogue: see liver
Cholelithiasis: see gallstone
Cholesterol: Birch, Blackcurrant, Linden tree, Juniper, Olive, Hazel, Depuragem
Chronic polyarthritis (evolving): Juniper, Blackcurrant, Birch, Cowberry, Artigem
Cirrhosis: Juniper, Hazel, Walnut, Depuragem
Cold: see coryza
Cold at the ends: Blackcurrant, Rosemary
Colitis: see intestinal colic
Constipation: Cowberry, Transigem, Cologem
Convalescence: Blackcurrant, Oak, Birch, Giant Redwood, Tonigem, Depuragem
Coronary: Dogwood (action of cleaning the coronary arteries)
Cortisone (replaces): Blackcurrant (external and internal use)
Coryza: association of Blackcurrant, Hornbeam et Dog Rose (5-10 drops per day), Immunogem, Allargem, Cologem
Cough: European Alder, Black Poplar, Dog Rose, Cologem, Depuragem
Coxarthrosis: Birch, Artigem
Cystitis: Juniper, Cowberry
Decalcification: see osteoporosis
Demineralization: Silver Fir
Dental caries: Silver Fir
Depression: Fig tree, Birch, NOCTIGEM, TONIGEM
Depurative: Birch, Depuragem, Transigem
Dermatosis (see also eczema): Cowberry, Blackcurrant, Walnut, Depuragem, Cologem
Detoxification (general: Juniper, Blackcurrant, Rosemary, Depuragem, Transigem, Cologem
Diabetes: Walnut, Juniper
Diarrhea (or Diarrhoea): Cowberry, Walnut, Oak,Cologem,
Diarrhea (or Diarrhoea) (post-antibiotic): Walnut, Cowberry, Cologem, Transigem
Diuretic: Juniper, Birch, Linden tree
Dizziness: Fig tree
Dysmenorrhea (or Dysmenorrhoea): Raspberry, Rosemary
Earache: Blackcurrant, Sanogem, Immunogem, Cologem, Depuragem
Ear neuralgia: see Earache
Eczema: Blackcurrant, Elm, Walnut, Cedar of Lebanon, Cologem, Depuragem
ENT (ear-nose-throat disease): Blackcurrant, Dog Rose, Immunogem
Enteritis: See diarrhea
Enuresis: Fig tree
Epilepsy: Fig tree, Mistletoe
Epistaxis(nosebleed): See hemorrhage
Erysipelas: Birch, European Alder
Fatigue: Blackcurrant, Giant Redwood, Oak, Tonigem
Fever: European Alder, Ash
Fibroma (or fibroid tumour): Bramble, Cowberry, Hazel
Flatulence: Walnut, Cowberry, Transigem, Cologem, Depuragem
Flu: Blackcurrant, European Alder, Immunogem, Sanogem, Transigem, Cologem, Depuragem
Fortifier: see convalescence
Fracture: Blackcurrant, Silver Fir, Giant Redwood
Free radicals (trap): Rosemary, Cologem, Transigem
Frigidity: Birch, Oak, Rosemary
Furunculosis:: Dog Rose, Elm, Depuragem
Gallstone: Hedge Maple, Ash
Gas: see flatulence
Gastric reflux: Fig tree, Linden tree (consult an osteopath)
Gastritis: Fig tree, Linden tree, European Alder
Gingiva: see bleeding gums
Glycemia (decrease the): Juniper, Birch, Walnut
Goitre: Hazel, Wayfaring tree, Hawthorn, Dogwood
Gout: Blackcurrant, Birch, Ash, Depuragem
Growth (stimulates): Birch, Dog Rose, Silver Fir, Immunogem
Gums: see bleeding gums
Hair: Cowberry
Hart (drainage of the): Hawthorn, Dogwood, Cordiagem
Hay fever: see coryza
Headache: Fig tree, Hazel, Blackcurrant, Depuragem, Cologem, European Alder (if chronic headache),
Heavy legs: Venagem
Hemorrhage: Dogwood, Hornbeam
Hemorrhoids: Horse Chestnut, Service tree, Venagem, Depuragem, Transigem
Hepatic insufficiency: see liver
Hepatitis A and B: Juniper, Rye, Birch, Depuragem
Herpes: Dog Rose, Oak, Elm, Depuragem,
Hiccup: Fig tree
Hot flushes: Cowberry, Raspberry
Hypercholesterinaemia or hypercholesterolaemia: see cholesterol
Hypertension: Hawthorn, Juniper, Mistletoe, Cordiagem
Hyperthyroidism: see goitre
Hypotension: Hawthorn, Oak, Blackcurrant
Hypothyroidism (see thyroid (lazy)): Birch
Immunity (strengthens the): Blackcurrant, Walnut, Immunogem, Cologem
Impotence: Giant Redwood, Rosemary, Tonigem
Inappetence (loss of appetite): see appetite
Infant teething: Silver Fir, Birch, IMMUNOGEM
Infarc: Dogwood, Maize, European Alder
Infections (various): Walnut, Birch, European Alder, Dog Rose, Immunogem, Sanogem, Cologem, Transigem
Inflammation: Dog Rose, Walnut, Grape Vine, European Alder, Blackcurrant, Sanogem, Cologem, Transigem
Influenza: see flu
Insect: see bite (insect)
Insomnia: see nervousness
Intestinal colic: Cowberry, Fig tree, Grape Vine, European Alder, Rosemary, Sanogem, Cologem, Transigem
Intestinal flora (restores the): Walnut, Cologem
Intestinal inflammation: Grape Vine, Cowberry, Rosemary, Sanogem, Cologem, Transigem
Intestinal transit: Rosemary, Depuragem, Cologem, Transigem
Intestine (drainage of the): Cowberry, Depuragem, Cologem, Transigem
Iron (stimulates erythropoiesis): Hazel, Silver Fir, Tamarisk
Itching: see skin
Kidney (drainage of): see diuretic
Laryngitis: see pharyngitis
Ligament: Blackcurrant, Virginia Creeper, Depuragem
Liver: Birch, Juniper, Rosemary, Depuragem
Lumbago-sciatica: Blackcurrant, Artigem, Depuragem, Cologem, Transigem
Lungs (drainage of the): Hazel, Blackcurrant, Dog Rose, Depuragem, Cologem, Transigem
Lymphatic (stasis): Sweet Chestnut, Hazel
Migraine: see headache
Memory: Ovarian cyst European Alder, Rosemary (in association with European Alder), Olive, Memogem
Menopause: see hot flushes
Meteorism: See flatulence
Motion Sickness: Fig tree
Nausea: Fig tree, Rosemary, Depuragem
Necrosi: see tissue necrosis
Nephritis: Juniper, Birch
Nephrolithiasis: see urinary tract stone
Nervousness: Fig tree (in the evening), Linden tree, Rosemary, Olive
Neuralgia: Fig tree, Olive, Mistletoe, Hazel
Neurosis: Fig tree, Olive, Linden tree
Nosebleed: see hemorrhage (or haemorrhage)
Obesity: Birch, Fig tree, Celluligem, Transigem
Oedema: Birch, Blackcurrant, Juniper, Celluligem, Hazel, Depuragem
Osteoporosis (men): Cowberry, Bramble
Osteoporosis (women): Giant Redwood, Bramble
Osteoporosis for both sexes: Birch, Blackcurrant, Osteogem
Otalgia: see earache
Otitis: Dog Rose, Sanogem, Depuragem
Ovarian cyst: European Alder blanc, Grape Vine
Overwork: See stress and fatigue
Pain (members):see aches
Pain (rheumatic): see rheumatism
Painful joints: Dog Rose (knee), Birch, Blackcurrant, Artigem, Cologem, Depuragem
Painful menstruation (see dysmenorrhea (or dysmenorrhoea)): Raspberry
Palpitation: Hawthorn, Linden tree, Mistletoe, Cordiagem
Pancreas (see also glycemia): Birch, Blackcurrant, Walnut, Olive
Pancreatic insufficiency: see pancreas
Pharyngitis: European Alder, Dog Rose, Sanogem, Cologem, Depuragem
Phlebitis: European Alder, Birch, Sweet Chestnut, Venagem
Poisoning: see detoxification
Prostate: Cowberry, Giant Redwood, Blackcurrant, Prestagrm
Psoriasis: Blackcurrant, Walnut, Cedar of Lebanon, Cologem, Depuragem
Remineralization: Birch, Mountain Pine, Silver Fir
Rheumatism: Blackcurrant, Ash, Artigem, Cologem, Depuragem
Rhinitis (allergic or acute): see coryza
Rickets: see growth
Ringing in the ear (of circulatory origin): Service tree, Ginkgogem
Sclerosis: Hazel, Juniper, Olive, Artigem
Sciatica: see lumbago
Sedative: Hawthorn, Linden tree, Fig tree
Sinusitis: Blackcurrant, European Alder, Hornbeam
Skin (drainage of the): Birch, Elm, Blackcurrant, Cedar of Lebanon, Depuragem, Transigem, Cologem
Sleep: see nervousness
Spasm: Fig tree, Linden tree, Transigem, Cologem
Spleen (stimulates the): Birch
Splenitis: see spleen
Stage fright: see stress
Stomach (drainage of): European Alder, Fig tree, Depuragem
Stomach acidity: Fig tree
Strengthening: see convalescence
Stress: Fig tree, Linden tree
Sweating: Birch, Fig tree
Tension: See hypo/hypertension
Testosterone (stimulates the secretion): Oak
Thrombose: Dogwood, European Alder, Black Poplar
Thyroid (hyper active): see goitre
Thyroid (lazy) (hypothyroidism): Birch, Sweet Almond
Tinnitus : see ringing in the ear
Tissue necrosis: Dogwood, Olive, Cowberry
Tonic: Blackcurrant, Birch, Giant Redwood, Tonigem
Torticollis (wry neck): see lumbago
Tracheitis: see pharyngitis
Tremor: see spasm
Ulcers (internal) (gastro-duodenal): Fig tree, European Alder
Ulcers (varicose): Sweet Chestnut, Service tree, Walnut, Transigem Cologem, Depuragem
Urea: see uric acid
Uric acid (elimination of): Birch, Ash, Juniper, Blackcurrant, Celluseve, ArtigemM
Urinary incontinence: see enuresis
Urinary retention: see diuretic
Urinary tract stone: Birch, Juniper
Urticaria: see skin
Varicella: Walnut, Depuragem, Cologem
Varix: Service tree, Horse Chestnut, Venagem
Venous congestion: Horse Chestnut, Sweet Chestnut, Venagem
Vertigo: see dizziness
Viral (infections): Dog Rose, Blackcurrant, Sanogem,
Vomiting: see nausea
Wart: Fig tree, Grape Vine, Dog Rose
Water retention: see diuretic
Weight (excess): see obesity
Zona (see also skin): Fig tree, Cologem, Depuragem

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