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Bad reaction after ACV enema - or normal reaction?
lisushka Views: 1,941
Published: 6 years ago

Bad reaction after ACV enema - or normal reaction?

Hello all!

So, I would love some advice- I think I might be doing things in a too-extreme or self directed manner and perhaps some of you could help me act more skillfully.

Here's the immediate thing- I just gave myself an enema with Apple Cider Vinegar and aloe (maybe there was too much ACV) and now I feel terrible. It was hard to impossible to actually get the liquid in-- it was like my bowel closed and shut off or something. The water flowed when I took the tip out (it is a enema bag, tube and tip with a shut-off valve from Amazon) but when I inserted it the water didn't flow. I wonder if your body can say, no I don't want any more, and sort of swell up so no more liquid can enter? Is that possible?

I'm sure I did some things wrong because I often go too fast, too much at once. But here's the backstory: I've been dealing with (what I thought were) parasites for a long time. Lately I posted some pictures, and people indicated it looked like rope worms (which it does), and reading more about them it sounds like they are just gunk, maybe candida, maybe others stuff, who knows what, in the bowel. I can tell that I have a problem with them (whether it is parasites or just yeast/fungus/bad bacteria/biofilm/whatever) because I get constipated and gassy.

So, a few days ago I decided to give myself a water enema because I had been constipated for a few days. It was amazing and all this stuff came out, stuff that I thought was parasites but now I know might just be colon gunk. (My mom has had severe problems with candida, needing medical attention- I'm sure I have the genetic predisposition, but I;m pretty careful with diet.. anyway..)

So, I thought this enema thing is great, and then yesterday I read more about them and did a water enema first to clean everything out, then an enema with yogurt-based probiotics and aloe and some Black seed oil and vitamin c and turmeric, a teensy bit of all the kind of nice things I might drink or rub on my skin. I tried to get the probiotic/aloe thing up into the upper level of the colon and retain it overnight, in the morning I saw the weirdest gunky things pass, like what you'd imagine is skin or tissue (I had just had a smoothie the day before and some psyllium, so maybe that loosened it).

So I thought well maybe I'll do one this morning, to clear things out, and why not try this ACV enema I've read about, since I love taking it orally.

Anyway- apparently no! It wouldn't go in much, only a little, like a cup or two. Afterwards I had this big elimination, like the feeling of sickness when you have a stomach infection and have diarrhea and pass everything, with stomach contractions. Nothing gunky came out, just very smooth ground food remnants, maybe from psyllium or smoothie.

And now my insides honestly feel swollen and damaged, and I am bloated, and tired (though just a couple of hours ago I felt great and energetic). I had some electrolytes and salt, but still feel like mending.

Any ideas what that's about? This is probably my 3rd self-applied enema in my life, so I'm not sure if it's a normal part of a process or a sign I went too much, too fast. I would have liked to do a water enema rinse or a rinse with aloe after the ACV, but I feel hesitant to put anything back there, my body feels it says "no" to anything more.

Sorry for the long post, I just realize there's a ton of wisdom here and this way of approaching the body is still quite mysterious to me!

Many many thanks!


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