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Image Embedded the irony is if I don’t make it your page is just last cry for help

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Chewkluelue Views: 1,266
Published: 4 years ago

the irony is if I don’t make it your page is just last cry for help

 I'm new here. Serious kidney problems... needed help... herea the post copy paste.

So. I'll just begin by saying I've never been through hell like this and I'm probably either not going to make it or be injured for life because of this. I live alone in the woods... In a cabin that's under construction... I work for room and food here. Near the Columbia River gorge Washington.skamania

It all started out when thick painful green fungus began taking over my hands... It peels my cuticles back and eats the nail. I bought some anti fungal and didn't think much of it. Until it really started to hurt... Then it felt like fire at the slightest touch or even sensation. I could of sworn something was inside of there... I told my boss and his wife. Who live 1.5 miles away. She gave me tea tree oils and the 1000 yard stare of oh he's crazy...

With the thing on my thumb getting worse and worse I've started to notice small white nodules starting to oozing from my fingers. They're very small but continuously are falling from my fingers at this point. I attribute this to the fungal infection apply daily neosporin and continue building this place. My thumb and mind hit a breaking point and I have to get this thing out. It's a raises red ulcer at this point and hard as a rock but extremely painful to touch.... I bite down on a few asprin and then bite the ulcer of june thumb and start to try to suck whatever it is out of my thumb. (yes... I am a Savage gutter punk kid who never learned his lesson) hundred of these little white soft things are in my mouth so u spit it onto my sleeve to see.
Tried my best for a pic bit limited camera you can still see what I mean.these are the first of many.

So I get an idea that maybe there's a bug in my hand somehow and start reading around. I quickly learn that I'm absolutely delusional and there's no such thing as parasites or organisms that live in America especially inside white people skin... Only in Africa... Only tweekers have bugs. You must be... Crazy... Must.. Delusional...
I said well... Sure as f*** don't care if I'm crazy this shit is happening and it's getting worse...

So I start playing detective and working and researching... All the way never observing the floor too much... Always kinda covered in tools dust ect... Work site and all.

Thus the house.. And ive been here for months with no issues is absolutely infested with so many worms its unbelievable. Also deer mice and rats. One lizard and a snake in the attic. It's the life of luxury for me...

Here's some pics of the floors and the worms I found... Each floor is 100 percent saturated with them...

(this is from laundry basket... First thing I did was start laundry and dishes.)

(this is after a pesticide spray I did with cypermethrin(sp)
something of that nature mixed with bleach, tobasco,diotamacious earth, massive Epsom Salts and a touch of mouth wash for smell... 4 hours of spraying... And sweeping... I still have a bucket of worms outside in the porch. An uncountable amount of caccoons and larvae. And bigger ones too...)_birds also dying some and I feel pretty bad about it... Theyre like Bluejays but something else.

So a anyways I finally take the time to study my body and realize my feet are 1000x worse than my hands... My toes are numb from long unresolved toenail fungus... So no pain... But the skin is permanently wilting in scary amounts... Also toenails are turning to mush at this stage. Pretty graphic pics ahead... Warning

Also around this time I discovered worms in my stool.. So like anyone else I went and took diotamacious earth and pyrantel paomate and take full dose.

Hours later im nauseated and pass out for 36 hours...i wake up feeling wonderful and im installing drywall and tap my angle kind of hard with slight
Sprain. Everything is fine until i start passing he moat absurd amounts of helminths the brain can imagine. at one point there was literally no fecal matter just nemoturds. #nemoturds.... then the real fun begins my leg suddenly swells to painfully large pitting edema..... still putting this moment

(uncensored pics of worms and
leg day 1 swells... also feet and how much skins come off them in a few hours.)

(above is day 1 of passing worms)

i dont even know whats all there... looks like alot more than common pinworms but hey... im delusional and this pain isn't real because im an educated profess....shhhh oh shit hes really sick... im in the ER next diagnosed with MRSA. im given bactriim and cephlexin...and instructed to redo pyrantel... i asked her (the doctor and her nurse to look at my legs and arms... so im in the ER, had to drive myself) with my leg looking like this(pic below) an open non draining necrotic crater on it that is touching the bone. not a single person in the hospital ever touched or looked at any part of my body ... purely blood discharged on my own AM 230. barely walking to my old pickup.. my recorded heartbeat in ER was 130...then 90...then 130...then 80. they left monitor on me and left me a alone. Already had waited 3 hours for little Johnny sniffle nose to get his fair turn. then I get in out treatment. And i go buy boxes of creams and painkiller. and also even heard the doctor making fun of me for walking on an infectious leg... to be fair i was wearing darth vader pants in public. This is Adventist healthcare Portland Oregon.

so i make it home lay in the bed that never got cleaned from larvae and sleep 26 hours.

to clarify the timeline this is about 8 days since worming meds and 4 days before today... i take round 2 of pyrantol paomate... work for a while and start sweating. nauseous. start dreaming while awake. quick flashes of visual hallucinations. seeing people who aren't there... vivid enough to literally make me scared(I'm carrying a knife in my hand at this point) .. and constant auditory mumbling of voices... I fall asleep for another 24 hours.

wanted to mention I'm consuming somewhere between 5 k to 7k calories per day at this stage... was more after worming appetite decreased... No I'm not kidding. I eat... 6ft 4 and 175 lbs... losing weight eating everything I see.. mostly bad food junk. but alot of calories.

so I am in day 4 antibiotics ow. in severe pain but swelling has decreased. but more lesions are necrotizing. randomly across cellulitis leg. other leg becoming effected. thumb is still an open wound with bigger red things coming out. my kidney is so bad I can't stand up long. and honestly I think I'm dying. I'm still passing worms day 13 in a row. here is pics from today...

But hey at least I'll know I died from something that I imagined right? Just bonkers I am.

I have tiny white things falling from me at all time... I cant reach in fridge because the stuff from my hands falls into everything... been learning to live with eating the larvae cause I have no choice. I wear latex gloves but they fall from my hair. of which I've lost chunks of hair in the last 3 days. Also I've had tiny Pinworms exiting me without going to the bathroom. yeah for real... I have to get tp and remove them from area.
I am decomposing....

the one of dark urine is from an hour ago... smells terrible and I'm pretty sure Its kidney damage. so yeah... I need answers... anyone that can piece this puzzle for me... im alone and the docs kicked me out. It's 50 miles for me to hospital... Just want some answers more than anything else


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