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What is this????
J. Adams Views: 973
Published: 4 years ago

What is this????

I need some help please. I have been tested for any lung issues and I've been to an allergist. I've been cleared of everything. I have rashes that pop up all over my body, especially during the fall. I have tight throat that makes it hard to breathe and in the fall/winter I get where my back, chest and sides tighten up, like a band tightened around me and it makes it hard to breathe. The very first symptoms I can remember having looking back was back around 2011/2012. I would bend over just doing the trash or somethinv and when I'd stand up I'd have a headache that would last a few minutes then go away. In 2013 I started getting a sore throat that wouldn't go away. It felt like a golf ball sitting in my throat, no breathing issues yet tho. I then moved in to a basement apartment and about 6 months in to it started noticing my energy wasn't what it used to be. (I was about 21 at this time.. 26 now). I started getting bad pain in my neck muscles, excruciating. I thought I had thtoat cancer. It went away December of 2013 and I thought I was okay. I started playing softball in spring of 2014 and after one of my games I spit up a considerable amount of blood. Went to the ER and they couldn't find anything, (shocker). After this episode I kept having blood in my spit especially in the morning and my throat/esophagus started hurting very badly. I describe it as slicing up my esophagus with glass then pouring hot sauce on top of it. That's how bad it was. It kept getting worse and worse. July 2014 me and my wife (gf at the time) house at for her friend and I felt better the week we were there. I went back home and woke up the next morning and felt horrible. At that point I knew it was something in the apartment. We did find black mold in my closet from where a pipe had busted a couple of months earlier. So I moved out and it still didn't get better, in fact it was worse and my fatigue was so bad I felt like I was carrying bricks behind me. I woke up one morning and I felt like I couldn't breathe that well. I already have anxiety and it made me extemely anxious but it subsided. I was fine with the breathing for a while after that but the throat and fatigue was ridiculous. I don't remember exactly when but maybe 6 months later or so I started getting tightness in my chest and my throat, wasn't just pain anymore. It would make me gag, it was awful. Anyway. Fastforward to winter of 2015 and It started getting extemely hard to breathe. I would get a tightness in my back, sides, just about everywhere above my waist and it would make it extemely hard to breathe. I had also started trying different things to try and help whatever I thought was going on such as hydrogen peroxide therapy, diet change, Colloidal Silver , etc. Anyway, I went to see a pulmonologist because I finally had insurance and she diagnosed me with asthma. I took all the meds and it didn't help at all. She finally prescribed me klonopin for anxiety and it helped. so much so I had very little issue while on it but as soon as I stopped taking it it would come back. I eventually couldn't afford to keep up with going to see her so I stopped taking all of my meds about May of 2016 but I felt okay. It wasn't gone but I could function and do things. Thought I was in the clear but then early December of 2016 I started having tightness in my back and chest again. Also in my ribs and up under my arms. All they said was pleurisy and kept telling me it was bronchitis but the Antibiotics didn't help. Neither did prednisone. I would sit there and be in so much pain and discomfort because of how tight and sore my back muscles and stuff were. My wife could run her hand across my back and feel the inflammation. I would also get what felt like crackles. Couldn't hear it, just feel it. I also got to where I would have episodes that would last 10-20 mins where everything would tighten up and I felt like I couldn't breathe and was being crushed. I've been dealing with a tight esophagus all 2017 and have changed my diet drastically. I've suspected candida or mold but it's causing something to happen but idk what and neither do doctors. I can't even get them to check me for candida or mold. I'm starting to get tight again as fall starts and it stinks. Any info or ideas would be great. My throat doesn't hurt near like it used to but it still gets irritated. Biggest issues are tight throat, tightness in general and breathing issues. I don't have to be doing anything to tighten up and be hard to breathe.. It just happens. Anyone had something similar? Is this thyroid, Candida? Idk.

All of my symptoms are:
-Breathing issues
-Tight upper back, chest and sides
-Chemical sensitivity, espcially perfumes and colognes
-Heat intolerance
-Mental fog
-Body rashes
-Feeling faint
-Vibrating in back, head and ears, especially mornings and nights
-Sore/tight throat and neck
-Swollen glands in neck

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