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Re: Someone please help identify..IMG_20170918_091512
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Published: 6 years ago
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Re: Someone please help identify..IMG_20170918_091512

No No No, I've watched you people battle back and forth about what is worse with treatments anytime somebody suggest something other than Hulda Clark (and her work is great, but not for a massive fluke infection or unless you have Black-Walnut tree in your back yard for the years you'll be taking the stuff). Albeit the many choices to treat parasites are all better than nothing, BUT yes you will die from a major fluke infestation and one that has moved to the head is on its way to that bad, NOT Salt. I first suggest a DR for flukes b/c they're that bad! But I've tried so many herbs and meds even for that matter, but only a little since thats all they will give. And having cirrhosis stage 5 health problems (drives me mad my DR's wouldn't address this problem. I gave up on them a while ago!) I need them gone completely so my body will heal. SALT C Protocol is the furthest I've gotten to eradicating them every where, by FAR! And pretty fast too, but don't forget to CLEAN your insides with enema's, P&B shakes, and antioxidants to help you along (That was already confusing enough when I start the killing spree, last thing somebody needs is complicating protocols). ACTUALLY the literature says you can add treatments on top of the Salt C Protocol, which I have done switching between cayenne (40,000 heat units or strongest), AlliUltra (Garlic/allicin! expensive, and Hulda Clark 's Black-Walnut protocol (a ripoff for flukes!) But a good "clean up" herbs to put on the back of a thorough SALT C Protocol. I ALSO suggest the SALT BATH to ride the toxins pronto and try 1 week of ingestion (U will feel them die suddenly and let go, but keep going they'll be back). I have also been coming back from the "dead" and the die off is the worse, but at least that will end eventually and I feel so good, esp. when I started taking a clean up break. It's hard to go back but totally worth it. Also about what the lady implies incorrectly (Jane), I am older, a large male with moderate high blood pressure and had the liver trouble before this horrible infection of at least 4 different kind of flukes and large ones, which are very hard to kill! And as long as you drink your water (see literature for all signs of dehydration) and eat well, I haven't had one adverse health problem from salt like I had with just about every other treatment I tried, thats just the effects of flushing all those flukes and toxins out. This is what I suggest from actual experience, research, and because it saved my life. And most importantly, immediately changed my mental state, physical abilities (I was getting disabled from the swelling) for the better during just the first month. And I'm not trying to recommend a handbag here or obsessed with treatments, just a means to actually treat a horrible infection for good and be done with it. Yet with flukes and using other treatment methods after 5 years of thinking I was better but only to reset the whole problem just because I took a break, it occurred to me I wasn't getting to the root of the issue and the Salt C Protocol confirmed that it was a much deeper problem. I maddens me to think people prey on these kind of problems to actually sell themselves or herbal type regiments because it's what they do (maybe not here but they out there!). It is certainly horrible enough of an existence to also contend with snake oil therapy to go along with the mental therapy the DR recommends. Do not forget your water, potassium, calcium levels need to be replenished. And certainly read up on the protocol on this message board and the other sites for even more info! But most importantly do something about it if the professionals won't! That's where I'm coming from and not from an autopsy table being labeled as dead from some other cause of death beside the absolute truth, that being complications due to major fluke infection. Take that bath with any of those salts and you'll see how much toxic waste is left behind. Don't let anyone tell you natural Sea Salt will kill you, with Flukes and many other problems it is exactly what God gave all his creatures to use against it! Before unnatural table salt came into existence people used natural therapeutic salt since the beginning of recorded time at the same levels as recommended in Salt C Protocol. And many researchers believe modern man suffers from more preventable health problems because of this move away from those levels and salt cures.

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