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I managed to get rid of Seb Derm solely by dietary changes.
Anna Maria S Views: 3,028
Published: 5 years ago

I managed to get rid of Seb Derm solely by dietary changes.

This is a copy/paste of one comment from YouTube:

I managed to get rid of Seb Derm solely by dietary changes.

I suffered from this condition for 8 years and tried so many things. I went through many phases where I thought there was no hope. I finally just managed to cure it. When I started seeing real, long lasting results was when I halted all topical cures. I managed to get rid of the condition solely by dietary changes.

SD results from an overgrowth of yeast in your digestive track, which manifests as flakes on the skin, however this is merely a symptom of a deeper issue. This yeast, which I believe to be Candida, although others will say Malassezia, (I disagree), lives in everyone's digestive track, and only becomes problematic when the other bacteria in the digestive track that would normally be crowding it, decrease in number (often due to Antibiotic usage). This decrease in crowding allows the Candida to proliferate and cause, among other issues, SD (I also had a toenail fungus as well, both it and the SD were cured simultaneously). The following is the regiment I used to cure it. The first 4 are the most essential

1. Probiotic supplements-these replenish your gut flora (digestive track bacteria) to re-establish a healthy balance and once again crowd out the yeast. I recommend "Cytomatrix Multistrain 11," one of the best brands on the market, can be ordered online. KEEP REFRIGERATED

2.Cut down on sugar. Yeast feeds on sugar, and high amounts of yeast present in your digestive track will actually make you crave Sugar in order to sustain itself. It will be hard at first, but as you kill the yeast, you'll kill your cravings. By Sugar I mean natural fruit juices as well. Sugar is sugar, and it's all natural when you think about it.

3. Drink only water. Drink it first thing in the morning to prime your digestive track, drink it all throughout the day. Stay away from all other fluids. Later you can cheat here and there.

4. Take oregano oil. Like all essential oils, it's really concentrated and burns your throat, however it's known to kill yeast. It make a deadly duo when taken alongside probiotics, with one killing the yeast and other preventing its return. I recommend taking round 10 drops with every meal. It's tricky cause it can't be diluted with water cause its an oil. However you can dilute it with another oil, I used fish oil, it would dilute nicely and go down without a burn, while also giving me some omega 3s. Oregano oil can be costly, best bet is to get it online.

5. I used to take a shot of apple cider vinegar everyday as well, also burns on the way down, you can dilute it with water if you want.

6. Garlic is also said to curb yeast growth. I recommend 4-5 cloves a day

Now in regards to topical cures, they aren't entirely useless, they just shouldn't be the primary cure. If I cheated on my diet and ate a bunch of sugar, I would often wash my face and hair with pyrithione zinc shampoo and put virgin coconut oil (has to be virgin) on it, just to avoid a flareup the next morning, however I believe that as my digestive track gets more and more in balance, this won't even be necessary.

Anyways, I'm no doctor, just someone who has done a lot of research on the internet and seen some results. I'm basing this entirely on my own experience, so some things in my post may very well not be technically correct, however I think I am on to something. I know how damaging SD can be to one's confidence and I hope this post can help someone.
Cheers, and happy curing!

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