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Re: Allergic reaction.
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Published: 5 years ago
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Re: Allergic reaction.

Hot showers for people who are very toxic and specifically for people with MS is not so good.

It has the effect of slightly initiating a detox process but then whatever gets stirred up remains in place or travels just enough to make you feel worse.

What's better is actually pulsing very hot temperatures or using a fir sauna so that you ensure you sweat.

The same principle applies to anything you take internally that you intend to have a detoxifying effect. You have to make sure that whatever you stir up actually gets out of your body. There are only a few routes: Skin (via sweat), Lungs, urine, bile, stool.

Your liver is f***ed, obviously.

I would try some of the things White shark said, but I disagree with a fair amount of what he said.

The fact that your condition came up suddenly means that it is probably not an allergy- which is what you also felt.

I think you picked up a very nasty bug and that triggered your immune system into a permanent state of reaction.

My standard advice to people is always get a hair mineral test to check for mineral imbalances and heavy metals. Heavy metals are always to be suspect with compromised immune system.

Then find a diet that works for you. Some good candidates are ayurvedic diet, blood type, vegan, paleo.

Go to the parasite forums and ask a lot of questions there about how to go about testing and finding out what sort of bug you might have.

Imo candida is sort of a ridiculous thing to chase after. It's a given that anyone with compromised immune function has candida, you want to be a little smarter than that and look into why you have it.

If you have Amalgam fillings get them replaced.

Even with a Low Histamine Diet , you want to find out what would trigger this from happening so suddenly.

I totally disagree with anyone who tells frugivores (human beings) not to eat fruit. At least try the high enzyme fruits like fresh pineapple, papaya (including seeds), kiwi, citrus, and any tropical fruit you like.

Keep an eye on the fact that sauerkraut is a high sulfur food, and you might be reacting to sulfur. Sulfur stirs up heavy metals and also parasites hate sulfur.

Be careful with Liver Flushes if your adrenals are fried.

Start taking a lot of ginger and see if it helps with bloating. Look ar dvjorge's posts on how to deal with candida. I think he was doing nystatin enemas. But you can also use any antifungal in an enema such as turmeric, essential oil, coffee, etc.

Belching a yeast smell is not good. probably this is coming from the small intestine. That's another reason to wait a little bit before doing liver flushes. Though Liver Flushes could be just the exact right thing for you, I err to the side of caution.

Try eating a lot of beets, add coconut oil into the diet, and one raw grated carrot every day. Also try making your own cartilege broth gelatin from cartilege bones. See if that helps the small intestine.

You will have to reformulate your new diet since what used to work is not working now. Keep a diet journal until you figure out which foods are causing the reactions.


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