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Re: Someone please help identify..IMG_20170918_091512
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Published: 6 years ago
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Re: Someone please help identify..IMG_20170918_091512

Salt C Protocol does all that for you... The salt makes your system more alkaline already while killing and detoxing your system at the same time. Besides the meds it really is your only option if you want it to work in the end. I know cause I had all this crap (flukes) and it was bad and still dealing with recovery and clean up, again (but so much better this time after a full blown breach while switching up treatments so they didn't get use to them). These folks will have you wasting tons of money, I did. They might know a lot about the "whole" situation of parasites from reading Hulda Clark and other fine ways to learn, but some things I find very hard to imagine is what is going on (like mistaking Candida for other parasites is very common). A "cure" is rarely talked about in this forum or any other treatment success without the freak outs. If you read the literature on this site and others it will tell you all about the salt c protocol yet they will denounce it like the devil. Take the info given in the Fluke protocol PDF piece here (which shows they used meds, ok but hard on liver.) NOTHING will work on all other parasites using any of the other type of parasites treatments (Clark protocol, three pill treatments, etc.) like roundworms, etc, unless you kill flukes first because they made all the other stuff useless. It is just one guy there in the study (unlike the many in the salt c study, see their website) but at least he demonstrates a CURE using meds. There is even a group who will try to sell you "pink Himalayan" salt lamps, she swears by it for lyme or something para shitty. Probably really nice but come on you have all these problems and probably aren't working much either. I know this about some of the scams or treatment freaks from running into an investigator while trying to get meds overseas. DON'T GET ME WRONG, a lot of great info about these problems on web and where else can you turn in this blinding hell of attacks. Honestly by looking at these post I might be just responding to the same person kicking up web traffic on the subject to boost correspondence possibly to make sales, even just towards an industry. I see this oh so much esp. this year on social media and on just about every message board out there. But forget that and take all this info on your problem with a grain of salt and read as much literature on this as possible or try out what they did using salt and vitamin c for flukes. And many treatments like Green walnut Hull, Cloves, and Wormwood , along with garlic cayenne for five yrs. will say they treat flukes as well. And they do kill some but they are extremely resilient (like all parasites, but more so) and multiply like crazy causing lots of damage and need to be addressed NOW like your body is telling you so! In South American countries they murder people by anonymously infecting them and then sit back to do more or watch these horrible deaths, and this is growing more common in other places as well. I've seen this in Texas many times just this last year and that is another horrible story. But if caught before they reach the brain, take over other organs, or cause other permanent damage you can flush them and the toxins. While the reversing enlargement due to swelling and reduction of muscle fiber will take longer if at all. Thats real, meds are real, and salt/c will get you there also. Just don't procrastinate by listening and getting fearful from all this nature crap, that is where these beast come from! It ain't fun at all but that is how you know it is working, but will not kill you (salt that is) or hurt you as long as you read up on this. I mean its really basic (literally) when livestock needs to treat infection they naturally turn to salt in their diet and they're snails. Flat worms are snails and what happens when snails get salt poured on them? If you want you can add herbs to treatment (I did and do still), but without the main ingredient of Sea Salt or other HQ natural salt (not Iodine table salt , but Iodine will help when they start to die) you get nowhere near a final cure or even the fast results like with salt. Google the salt c protocol and read up on it you'll be impressed by the site showing the large group that recorded their success with flukes and Lyme disease. One thing is it will overwhelm you (esp if you'd been taking herbs and thought they were gone) when the salt starts killing and alerting them just how bad the problem really is and when you think they're gone they just keep coming out. You haft to take it on and keep doing a clean up long after last symptoms are gone! BUT IT GETS BETTER! Try the bath and even just a week. I just want you to get better and clearer and not entertain some clean utopia you think all the technological advice will even pay off. I leave all you with good luck fighting a very formidable enemy that even the dinosaurs didn't beat, of course they started with small brains. So just maybe if I mortgage my house and car, since my organs are useless, I can follow through with these supplements, herb tonics, and tests. At least here our word we have parasites is good enough (maybe with pics too?) and don't haft to prostitute out our families just to pay for the testings the doctors want to ask for then laugh at in the end! No really everybody is different and every case CAN be different and some our very complicated due to multiple infections and health issues so real concern and test could be helpful.

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