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Re: Help identifying parasite
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Published: 5 years ago
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Re: Help identifying parasite

I've been going in circles on ICU protocol for 7 months with a systemic and multiple infection of flukes, tapeworms, and maybe more.

I'm trying to switch to Mattk3's Ascaris123 protocol. Details here. It's a bear to read... I suggest reading pages 100-150, then backtracking. Took me a few reads to get the idea of things. If you scan Mattk3's more recent forum posts, you will find updated information. For instance, Levimasole turns out to be a useful adjunct.

He reports people being successful against systemic flukes by cleaning up yeast alkanalizing the body, etc, then a protocol of ALB and PRZ taken with Calcium (yogurt) and Vit D3. I believe piperazine and DEC are also helpful. And the idea is slightly lower doses of PRZ can be taken if the calcium/D3 are taken too. Pyrantel and Ivermectin are useful at times and can be used to give you a better idea of what you have (flukes, worms, etc).

The main difference between ICU and the Ascaris123 (Mattk3) protocol is in ICU's you do 2 weeks on meds with a 1 week break before repeating a course of meds. In the Ascaris123, you first prep your body, then dose the ALB/PRZ continuously at slightly lower doses and take supplements/diets to assist.

There was a recent report of someone using Triclabendazole for 5 days and repeating every few weeks. They feel like 8 rounds have pretty much eradicated the flukes  Details here.

If it were me, I would try the Ivermectin/Pyrantel test described in Ascaris123 to make sure all you have is flukes. If it's a simple and relatively new infection, try for the triclabendazole only (it's hard to obtain). Otherwise, try the Ascaris123 (Mattk3) approach. He claims that people are reporting success (eradicating flukes) with like 60 days of continuous treatment of ALB/PRZ/D3/Calcium. I'll note that I had no success with anything until I first did some cleansing diet and got candida/gut fungus under control; in short, that means you need to get your bowels moving regularly first. 

Be prepared to repeat whatever treatment you do until there's no sign of flukes for several months, and perhaps do a maintenance program after that. Be prepared to be working on this for a while. I did 8 rounds of ICU-like protocols over 6 months and went in circles. When I started, I thought it would just be a couple of rounds.

You'll need to pay attention to what works for you. By accident, I discovered that taking the 3 doses of PRZ on a 2 hour interval instead of a 6 hour interval, worked better for me. It took me a while to figure out that pain around my liver was not ALB toxicity, but rather parasites. Figured that out when the pain developed a few weeks after I stopped taking meds.

Also, be mindful of doing something that will merely irritate the flukes and drive them deeper into your system/organs. For instance, I tried a low dose of PRZ/ALB on a 3pm9pm3am9am schedule as described by Mattk3, but without the necessary D3 and calcium to make the PRZ more effective... and I could feel the flukes going deeper into my liver. Anything (herbs/drugs) that does not work systemically could do this. I took fluconazole by itself before I understood what was going on, and it drove something into my chest. 

It would be worth searching Curezone for flukes to get an idea of what has been working for people.

This website has some useful information, but at 12-18 months, their protocol seems less efficient than Ascaris123.

Good luck!



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