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Christian healing and energy modalities.
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Published: 4 years ago

Christian healing and energy modalities.

Many Christians do not understand energy medicine. Because of this misunderstanding and prejudice many view it as less than good, or even Satanic, New Age or just plain weird.

There are two main principles essential to healing the body and the spirit:

1. Forgiveness.
2. Repentance.

Without both healing is not possible.

Jesus taught that the greater sin was not to forgive. Jesus cannot heal us if we do not forgive those that may have hurt or offended us.

Jesus completely respects our free will, he is always ready to forgive. It is we that have the problem.

We cannot be forgiven until we forgive ourselves. We may erroneously wait for Jesus to forgive us, but he respects our free will and cannot forgive until we forgive ourselves.

Why is it so hard to forgive? Science has discovered that the human mind has a part that we are not conscious of. It's called the subconscious.

The subconscious does all it can to protect us. When somebody has trespassed against us, the subconscious protects us by reminding us with feelings of resentment, anger or even hatred.

That person is a threat to us, therefore the subconscious tells us to STAY AWAY!.

Many Christians complain "But I have forgiven him". But if you are ill, there is unforgiveness in your subconscious. Unforgiveness makes us ill, it can even cause cancer or serious mental illness.

We may lie to ourselves, but our body NEVER lies.

There are some Christian sects that spurn modern technology. They prefer a much simpler life without running motors or electricity.

Most other Christian sects accept modern technology and even embrace it.

But why is it that the new discoveries and technologies of the mind are rejected with fear and prejudice at the same time?

Energy medicine is also about repentance and forgiveness. It is a valuable tool, a fast track tool enabling us to overcome our subconscious resistance to forgiving ourselves and others.

Some modalities may use the term "letting go". Nevertheless it is the same principle of forgiveness.

If the modality does not deal with forgiveness and repentance as its prime function then you may be wasting your time.

Energy medicine is about cleaning the deepest recesses of our soul, it is about perfecting ourselves to become as Christ commanded. "Be ye therefore perfect".

There are other energy modalities that give true energy medicine a bad rap. As with Christianity there is an abundance of fakes or the half deceived.

Therefore pay attention to your judgments, do you use reason or do you use ignorance? Judgments (false beliefs) can be just as debilitating as unforgiveness.


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