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Re: Why do I smell like a fart/poop when I didnt fart?
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Published: 5 years ago
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Re: Why do I smell like a fart/poop when I didnt fart?

So I have been suffering from severe fecal Body Odor for 12 years. I'm 30 now and It started one day out of the blue when I was 18 for what seem to be no reason at all. I wasn't sure if it was me or what so I started showering more but it seem to be getting worst regardless of that. After two months I broke down finally and started the long worthless journey to see every kind of doctor and get every kind of test you can think of. Its been a long time so I'm not really sure what order I saw the doctors in. But obviously I got a colonoscopy first thing which came back normal. I received a bunch of blood test and vitamin mineral levels test which all came back normal. Saw endocrinologist more than once, proctologist, urologist several times, and even the neurologist.

All of these doctors together and they could tell me nothing at all. The proctologist actually had me try and eat a lot of celery... I realize now how ridiculous that was. But anyways it was like none of these doctors or my parents would believe me that there was a terrible odor that smelled like shit because they wouldn't notice it just being around me for a few minutes. This was in the beginning years and as the years went on it has definitely got worse.
Luckily I was out of highschool before it happened but it wasn't fun as I was starting up college. I went for two semester and was struggling being in the classroom environment getting very worried and depressed and decided to take a while off to try and figure it out. It was obvious people were noticing people making comments like "does it smell in here" "or who ripped ass". People would put there hand up to there mouth and cough if they noticed. Told my parents I would go back if it didn't get better after a semester off and nothing changed so I just sorta gave up on the doctors and just deal with it which is by far the most stressful stuff I have ever dealt with. I started getting anti social doing nothing and never getting out because it was just so embarrassing.

So a few years pass and somehow I make it through school and get my bachelors and get hired back at a place I left to finish school. So now I had to deal with challenge of 8 hours of work a day in a warehouse which was a complete nightmare to say the least. But I was still super depressed and since there was nothing any doctors could ever find wrong my parents still not believing me thinking that its all in my head suggest a psych...

So I agree and go there tell him whats going on and I thought that the smell came from sex with a girl. fill some stuff out and he comes back with a huge book opens it up and says I'm experiencing A SOMATIC PARANOID DELUSION! its when someone thinks they have some kind of terrible odor relating to some kind of event like I told him I had.
They tried to get me to take some weird prescription pill for 3 months but I said no way because he was wrong.

Theres a lot more details to my story but basically I still have it 24/7 never goes away, sent me deep into Depression to the point of suicide with heavy drug use (drugs seem to make it worse) made it out of the real bad Depression but each day is still tough. the smell is slightly less bad after waking up, sleep kinda resets it but not very much and its ALOT worst after a bowel movement.

I have tried a lot of stuff on my own which did nothing: garlic extract, clove oil to name a few.
The only thing that ive seen that really helped at all was taking a hot bath for 30 mins. The hot water seems to clear all smell from the area and pores and has an effect to make the outside of the rectum close a bit tighter than normal. Problem is it only seems to be odor free for like 10-30 mins. sitting in the bath all day long just isn't possible.

So I have decided to start doin bath every day and I'm going to try the castor oil also. I know that I need to drastically change my diet also in my opinion. I had a theory that gluten could be the culprit seeing how it just started one day out of nowhere I wondered if it was my diet over my early years damaging the lining of the small intenstine could be why it gradually got worse over the years. If done right I ready that the gluten free could take 6-8weeks for noticeable difference. I also ordered some probiotics which are really expensive if you get the good ones. The diet is by far the hardest part because gluten is in almost everything (no beer or grain alchohol or meat from animals grain fed). Also cutting out fried food is important to. Going to a gluten free nutritionist is a good idea if your overwhelmed by that part. I figure taking a good multivitamin cant hurt either I do everyday.

I figured its time to try and start a new plan of action again to try and solve this unreal problem that has ruined my life. Hopefully there was some helpful info in here for you all I'm not sure how long my plan will take to implement but I will be checking back in especially if any positive news.
My prayers for anyone struggling with this issue.. I know what its like to have almost everyone around you treat u like your not a person because of it. hope story wasn't too long but I figure background would help

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