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Something found out about PROTEIN INTOLERANCE
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Published: 4 years ago

Something found out about PROTEIN INTOLERANCE

There have been theories on here that perhaps we may have trouble digesting protein. Well, guess what? My DNA shows that I have a gene which causes slow protein metabolism or breakdown of protein into amino acids.

Specifically, this is called Lysinuric Protein Intolerance not being able to properly digest amino acids present in protein.
This metabolic disorder is extremely rare. According to the Genetics Home Reference Library, people of Finnish and Japanese origin are most likely to experience this problem. The disorder is genetic and hardly seen outside these two countries. By the way, I have Finnish ancestry (only about 1% Finnish). Individuals from Italy, Morocco and North Africa have also been reported.

Deficiency of arginine and ornithine restricts the function of the urea cycle and leads to hyperammonemia after protein-rich meals. Deficiency of lysine may play a major role in the skeletal and immunological abnormalities. I've been taking amino acid powder the past few months. Should I stop even if I take digestive supplements with it?


There’s no cure for lysinuric protein intolerance, so people who have this disorder will need to restrict their protein intake permanently. People with protein intolerance might need to take citrulline and nitrogen-scavenging drugs on a regular basis. These drugs will clear the body of any nitrogen waste caused by the digestion of protein. People who are able to digest protein can filter and eliminate that waste on their own, but people with lysinuric protein intolerance can’t. This can lead to serious problems, such as seizures, cerebral edema and coma."

Reduction of ammonia levels with protein restriction, citrulline supplementation, and sodium benzoate is but one facet. Oral l-lysine supplementation should be provided.

You think the high ammonia levels or amino acid deficiencies has anything to do with peeling lips? I think some people's EC improved with high doses of lysine supplements?

I wonder if Montreal Homegrown's diet worked because he reduced the protein in his diet.

It's an endocrinologist you would see for a diagnosis with blood and urine tests to measure ammonia and amino acid levels. I usually fast before blood tests, but you're supposed to fast, then eat protein 2 hours before the blood or urine test. I guess the blood test will show low levels of amino acids (sometimes it shows as normal though), but the urine test will show elevated levels of amino acids since you're not absorbing them.

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