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Re: Insane stuck throat feeling for months now. Help needed on figuring it out!
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Published: 4 years ago
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Re: Insane stuck throat feeling for months now. Help needed on figuring it out!

Thanks, I waited until I had another update, and I have one right now! I'm actually thrilled, because I may have stumbled upon something. I read something mentioning sodium-iodide transporters and how Vitamin C may be the cure for defective ones (because it may be another cause for having high TSH). So I had to reverse-engineer the situation and what I did was, change nothing regarding supps except for the Vitamin C. Instead of plain ascorbic acid (dosed at 1g), which has a low absorption rate and also gave me loose-stools (almost diarrhea like), I made liposomal vitamin C, both sodium ascorbate as a sorbic acid (just tried different forms) dosed at 2-3g a day. I had days, during which I felt the flu coming up, dosed at 5g and I didn't become sick. However, what I want to mention is, since this is the only (big change) I made in the last month, I had another bloodtest (and I know I shouldn't rely too much on these tests), but the TSH dropped from 12 to 7.2, while I HAVEN'T change the dose of iodine. Normally when I would back off the iodine, it would go lower over time, however I have the TSH being dropped while continuing the same dose of Iodine (as I said, the Vit C was the only change). It just makes me wonder, that just a sorbic acid in powder form may not be suitable FOR ME, it may work wonders for others. I mean, I believe it's good to get any, instead of nothing, but since my body just didn't react negatively on liposomal (even at higher doses at 1g) so far, and I haven't gotten diarrhea/loose stools yet except for the first time when I tried dosing it at higher then 5g, but that was a bit extreme for my doings (and it was a temporary thing, because I wanted to see how far I could go on C), and I will stick to 1-3g longterm.

There is just 1 thing I need to find out, and that is whether the TSH will drop even further when I continue what I am doing right now, if the TSH drops more (while continuing the same dose of iodine) then that would probably confirm my findings. I am certainly no doctor or expert but I sometimes like to try things out (with caution ofcourse) and see what works. On a sidenote, I also started redlight therapy AFTER the bloodtest, so if I get another bloodtest in 1-3 months and the TSH drops even more, it may aswell be the redlight/infraredlight that's the contributing factor.

I still have a bit of cold hands/feet from time to time, but again (as I mentioned so many times) it's way less extreme then it used to be. I feel I need to have a good bloodflow going in order to address alot of the issues I am experiencing right now and perhaps it was/is the hypothyroid-state that's dragging me down.

Anyhow, I hope to keep you guys updated anytime soon and I want to thank everyone for their expertise/help in this area. I wish everyone a good and especially a HEALTHY new year (and for many more to come).

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