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Overwhelmed and confused.
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Published: 3 years ago

Overwhelmed and confused.

Hi Everyone, Iím using this forum to release some of my emotional and mental OVERLOAD. I shared in other topics that I have intestinal worms that I have witnessed in every BM that I have had since Oct. 3rd 2016. I also am SUFFERING with some type of skin/ scalp parasite. This thing has mad me miserble!!! It has changed its appearance or what I can see on me (with a magnify glass) since it started about 4 or 5 times. Now and for the last week to 2 weeks I see little white flacke Ďs that stick to were ever I am feeling the squirming, or tickling. These things also get into my upper and lower eyelids and get so full that they swell and are painful. I have to take tweezers and press on the correct spot and then yellow mucus is released. I have started the ďFishbendazoleĒ, and am also doing parasite cleanse. But , Iím not sure if itís working or not. I also have cared for my older sister for 14 years. She was hit by a car and has severe brain injury. Having this shit has made me caring for her a lot harder seeing I have had to be so careful not to infect her. Well Mon. I found out she has lung cancer. And then Wed. I went to drive her to her 1st cancer doctor appt. and I totaled my truck. I now have no money, I have this shit, she has that shit and I am so overwhelmed I donít know anything. I canít think. Went to Northwestern HospitalĒ in Chicago last Friday. Well known hospital. Went to infectious disease doctor. AGAIN WAS TOLD they see nothing on my skin or scalp, and the things I tell them like the parasite was in my hair strand at first and would move my hair until they showed that they were small thin black worms when they started moving around about my head and face at that time. They said they donít know of any parasite that hides in hair they could not survive there. Everything I told them they said no. Then when I told them about the worms I pass they said ďWell you could have problems in your gut and pass things that look like wormsĒ OMG do I look like a f***ing idiot????? Guys I donít know what to do. My kids want me to go to psych ward. At this point I wouldnít mind talking with someone about the stress. BUT I know for a fact there is some parasite on my skin. They said just ignore it. AGAIN OMG how can you ignore feeling something crawl about your face and body and watch these things overload your eyes,nose,and mouth. I feel if I donít get them off me I will be in a psych ward cause I canít deal with feeling them anymore. I have received great advice here but to be honest it confuses me, overwhelms me and seems too complicated. I have always been excellent with taking care of things and being organized and being on top. I was a Corrections Sergeant for 17 yrs. But, my thinking has changed very much. I can not even remember a phone number to call back a second after I just read it. I bought a microscope then whitish skin looking things look like crystals under lense. They appear flat when on me and then are like several salt granular under scope.
There has to be an answer. HAS TO BE!!!! I know Iím not that special Iím sure there have been many ppl who have had or have the same thing as I do. Hate to be a cry baby, never has been my way but I feel I have no way out and no answers.

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