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Scalp, eyes, nose, mouth and skin

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Used2bmor Views: 908
Published: 5 years ago

Scalp, eyes, nose, mouth and skin

White, curved, worms, eggs or larvae, in my eyes, face, scalp, nose, eyes and mouth. I have tried to post the picture in this post without success. The picture is filed under Ďparasites-skiní under used2bmor. They are visible, they itch on my scalp, I feel them In my eyes and my vision is affected. I wear dentures so they are stuck in the denture glue. Some white look like it has legs, some look like a white worm with a forked tip. I sound like I am crazy, I know. I have posted many pictures but do not see where anyone might have answered. I am a normal and everyday person, this canít be hard to figure out and it has to be common. Four years I have been having this and the number of them have become so much worse. Please look at my pictures and comment. Why do I see the colored fibers, watch the tip of them move, the white parasites, feel them, even hear them moving in my scalp. They are not there all the time that I know of. I feel them at certain times, when hot and perspiring, after eating, reading. I used fake eyelash glue and outlined my eyes and immediately lumps piled up and I removed them with the tweezers and they were thin brown worms along with white, small rice looking eggs. I placed them in a cup of alcohol and tiny bubbles emerged from these pieces. Small black hard line looking things fall out of my eyes, you cannot crunch them, they are hard and almost sharp. I could talk forever about this, I always say after I post something that it will be my last. I am either delusional or just dying and have lost my mind. It doesnít make any sense at all. I am 63 years old for gods sake, I am ready to travel the world and enjoy life, why am I sick with this? The really stupid part is I have ivermectin, Albendazole and mebandazole in the bathroom cabinet but I am afraid that as many as I have in my body the pills might make me even more sick. I have to kill whatever this is, I canít take this anymore. It has taken over my life and this isnt living, having your eyes feel wiggling, stiff weird hairs growing from my scalp, pictures of white worms inside my eyes, stuck in the denture glue, tickling the inside of my nose. I have always been a normal person, never traveled, donít even eat fish, and am the cleanest person with the cleanest house you could ever see. Yes, I drink diet soda, I enjoy treats once I a while, I do have hypothyroid and fybromyalgia, but that has been for twenty years. I am post menopause and use estrogen and testosterone. I have been on an antidepressant for twenty years. My psych wants me to take anti anxiety meds because she is afraid this is going to give me a heart attack or stroke. I donít take them often, maybe once a week when I canít calm down. I apply conditioner to my scalp when I canít stand it any more, it stops the feeling of movement on my scalp for a little while. I apply a sticky mask to my face that dries and pulls off when I canít stand the crawling on my face or eyelashes. I take a shower with peroxide when my skin is feeling like little gnats feel when they lightly touch your skin, you canít see them really, it is more a feeling like a cobweb has just brushed against you. Under my fingernails, toenails, I scrape weird stuff out that looks little white eggs, hundreds of them. Little white eggs. I hate talking about this, I hate feeling like this and I hate living like this. Sorry for the rant, I am having a weak moment, you know the kind, the one where you hope to god someinw is reading this and can say, Ďhey, I recognize that, and this is what you need to do, this is the name of the medicine you need to takeí. ĎYou arenít crazy, you arenít delusional, you havenít lost your mindí, Ďyou are normal, there is a good reason why this is happeningí, ĎI am not laughing or ridiculing you, I am not saying you are mentally illí, or how about Ďyour life will return to normal sooní. I have prayed and prayed to hear those words for so long.

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