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Re: Curing lupus with raw diet question
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Published: 4 years ago
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Re: Curing lupus with raw diet question

"You're suppose to reintroduce these foods back into your diet after a certain time to see if you have a reaction but my question is if these foods are suppose to contribute to leaky gut which is suppose to cause autoimmune disorder in the first place, is it really safe to start eating these foods again?"

They DO NOT contribute to Increased Digestive Permeability aka Leaky Gut a term I dislike because it is so misleading! However IDP really is the biggest part of the overwhelming majority of autoimmune illness. Another element is changes in the autonomic nervous system which helps to regulate immune system function. When these changes occur, the normal immune system regulation is affected and then IDP and the large food molecules which are absorbed into the blood stream affect the places where these nervous system changes have occurred. This affects T1 Diabetics which I am one, Arthritis sufferers, Asthma sufferers, Lupus, Chronic-Fatigue-Syndrome which I also have had for 35 years and any other autoimmune type illness.

IDP is caused by highly resistant microorganism infections. Eating a raw food diet, any uncooked food, is highly likely to lead to these infections and possibly make the situation worse rather than fixing them. Natural foods do have some effect against these microorganisms because many plants contain Efflux Pump Inhibitors which stop these microorganisms from eliminating them. However it is highly unlikely that they alone would destroy them. Even fruits can have some EPI properties. Fruits like oranges, tangerines etc have EPI effects against some microorganisms like Staphylococcus Aureus sometimes known as MRSA.

These microorganisms create biofilms which protects them from the immune system, Antimicrobial substances, other bacteria and Bacteriophages.

parasites are usually caused by hypochlorhydria. Check your stomach function and you will probably find that you have very low stomach acid levels. Many of these microorganisms are urease positive and neutralise stomach acid to help protect their biofilm from degradation.

I have beaten some of them but only a small part of many infections. I am close to making another attempt, but this time I am much better equipped to beat them. I have come very close in previous attempts but did not use EPI's which limited successful destruction. There are 5 major classes of efflux pumps and many Antibiotic microorganisms can use several efflux pumps allowing them to eliminate many different antimicrobial substances. There are other methods that these microorganisms make use of to deactivate antimicrobials. It is worth reading about if you are going to have any chance of beating them.

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