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Seeking help for my family and children please
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Published: 5 years ago

Seeking help for my family and children please

I am new to this community and I am seeking help for my family. I have two children and it wasnít until the birth of my son 8 months ago that I realized my family and I are infested with parasites. I had zero knowledge on parasites, to me they were something you could only pick up if you were dirty or did a lot of traveling - which I have never traveled so I thought it was never a problem for me. But after I gave birth, my stomach stayed distended. I tried working out and thought it was diastasis recti (a separation of the abdominal muscle that can happen from pregnancy) But one night, I had the most intense stomach pain of my life. Labor pains felt like nothing compared to this. The pain was right Center of my upper abdomen. On the way to the hospital, I got this intense pressure in the back of my neck/base of skull. Oh my god I remember saying a prayer thinking I was dying. Looking back, and with the knowledge I have now, I believe this was the parasite(s) leaving my gut and migrating to my chest/brain. Ever since then, I have been mental. I have lost my mind. Again this all being so soon after the birth of my second child, I was thinking it was post partum depression. I cannot get a grip of my nerves since that night. I have become extremely depressed and anxious. Feelings Iíve never experienced before. To make things worse I see my newborn son having similar symptoms. He will arch his back and appears to me in a lot of discomfort. Thinking it was just the formula or baby issues I again blew it off & never thought of parasites. But one night, I couldnít get ahold of my nerves. It got so bad I started to clench my jaw, I fell to my knees, my left arm felt heavy. I got this pressure in my head and this noise and pressure in my ears. I thought my ears were going to explode. I had symptoms of a mild seizure. It was so scary. I again went to the hospital and this time he was telling me to see a psychiatrist. Everyone, my husband and mom and friends EVERYONE was telling me it was all my anxiety and postpartum depression. I felt so alone, and I ended up coming across this site and all of you amazing raw honest genuine people. And my eyes were OPENED to a whole new world. But how do I convince anyone now that Iím the ďcrazyĒ person ? Well, soon after that pain I experienced, I noticed my nose got really plugged and full. I kept trying to blow it out and ended up finding some little white (what I think are) worms! I got 4 out of my nose, one out of my ear, and that night I found one in my sons ear too. If I base my symptoms off of the symptoms of a parasite carrier, I know that I have had this for years. I canít remember the last time I wasnít depressed, anxious, not bloated, IM ALWAYS SO TIRED I HAVE NO ENERGY FOR ANYTHING AND I MISS PLAYING WITH MY KIDS, I have double vision (looks like when you rub your eyes too long I see those dots 24/7), diarrhea like stools, moody, bad breath!, etc. So I collected those samples and gave them to my doctor and only then did I finally get respect and not just brushed off as the ďcrazyĒ one. So they have been sent off (no results yet) and we were given 100 mg menendazole for us and the kids. Soon after I took it I expiernced the ďcreepy crawliesĒ which was SO uncomfortable. My depression and anxiety went THROUGH THE ROOF. Freezing cold hands & feet. & just an overall restless feeling. I found myself wandering around for no reason, hard to relax, on edge. My husband had similar feelings but not as severe. My daughter (5) complains of leg pain (for years) that we always said were growing pains but now we wonder. She is also pale, moody, purple under her eyes, very thin and boney she has not much of an appetite. Since taking the mebendazole I have noticed an improvement except in the leg pain (pain under her knee the front of her shins) My son (8 months) Iíve seen improvements in as well (was awful at first he barely slept was very irritable and constantly was scratching his ears and face. I still think we have this parasite and I donít think the mebendazole is working. I have seen lots of supplements I want to try (dr Clarkeís) bit what about my children? What can a 5 year old and 8 month old take for a parasite cleanse? Itíll help once I know What we have but the doctors arenít taking it seriously. He blew me off when I asked. The good thing is they are booking me a ct scan for my brain (I feel brain dead. I donít even know my basic math anymore. I have intense brain fog. I feel Iíve had these parasites for years) Oh also I have felt things beneath my skin before. The first time was during my pregnancy - so before i even thought of parasites - and it was behind my ear. Not very long it was about the same in length as it was in width. I pushed on it at the time thinking it was a knot and it really hurt. I felt it again not long ago (after my second dose of mebendazole) in my chest! Once I touched it it moved up my chest and up in my neck. It was awful! Iím very thin naturally (106 lbs) so I think thatís why I can feel them and my husband canít. We also (daughter included) got an awful AWFUL rash on our hands. They have cuts on them around the knuckles. Super dry and itchy and burns so bad. We have tried cleaning everything and I am just exhausted. Lack of energy plus being so depressed angry and anxious all the time is really taking a toll on my family. We are all miserable and I feel so alone. My husband and I will try dr Clarkeís but please any help for my kids. We also found a worm in my daughters vagina. I will include pics once I figure out how. Thanks for listening and please any help or tips or ANYTHING is so appreciated. -the ďcrazyĒ post partum depressed lady

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