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Re: Seeking help for my family and children please
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Published: 5 years ago
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Re: Seeking help for my family and children please

Let me just first start by saying that I'm so sorry that you guys are going through this! Our family has been dealing with parasites as well and it's extremely traumatizing, especially for us mom's.

The silver lining here is that you have found a very nice specimen! Collect it and get it to your doctor's lab asap, and continue doing so. You may have more than one parasite that you're fighting. Get plastic forks and clear plastic cups and keep them by your toilet, after EVERY bm use the fork to go through it all and collect anything that looks suspect.

Luckily there are MANY antiparasitic herbs that are safe for children and infants, but all medicine herbal or pharmaceutical must be followed by lots of water and healthy fats! (Goat milk for the baby) I'll give you a list at the bottom.

Most importantly!!! Cut out ALL sugar, white breads, grains, and anything processed. The Keto diet is very effective! It helps supply the healthy fats needed to flush the kidney, liver and gallbladder. Sugar is what these criters eat, so if you have crazy cravings especially at night, that's why. They also like ice cold foods, like ice cream.

The other very important thing is that you are all having plenty of bowel movements each day, make sure you're doing a coffee enema followed by a milk enema every other day (at night before bed). You and your husband can do these, they are not safe for children under 12.

Kids- There is a green walnut hulls/ Wormwood /clove tincture that you can ad to any drink and tastes pretty good in apple juice. Use unfiltered organic no Sugar added juice or juice it yourself.
-Make sure they're on a powerful pro/pre biotic daily!
- Espsom salt bathes nightly
- cardamom essential oil diffused, tea tree and lavender in a coconut oil base can be applied on the skin and around the anus/vagina to prevent them coming out and laying eggs.
-Tell your older child to spit out any mucus coming up and not swallow ( in case it's Ascaris)
- keep their finger nails cut short and constantly wash hands/take showers to help keep eggs from spreading.

You and your husband..... Start slow or you will be very very sick.
-Black walnut
-Worm wood
-Garlic and lots of it
-IODINE!!! Nacent Iodine X2 survival shield from Infowars is what we use.
- Prayer/support, and coffee enemas, also use a good colon cleaner I like Irwin Naturals they make a great product.

So here's the thing, there's a reason for everything, and you are a strong person, God gives us nothing more than we can handle so that we can share our stories and help others. RX medicine does help but it also promotes migration, so you need to support your bodies with herbs and supplements. The kidneys get hit the hardest so make sure you're flushing them.

Your parasites have parasites, hince the candida fx. There's an entire hierarchy in your body that consists of macro-organisms and micro-organisms. Once the worms die off they release heavy metals and fungus/ yeast into the body, so that will need to get cleaned up too. Usually I'd recommend that you take Diatamaceous Earth, but with how big your parasite load is at the moment it may cause sepsis. So again, go slow, it's not a race and will in all likelihood take at least a year to kill them all off. These things feed off the heavy metals in our air, water and food, so please don't give them anymore with vaccines. Vaccines at this point might just send you guys over the edge, especially your baby. I'm happy to give you tons of data on that if you're interested. Stay away from fluoride, and other harsh chemicals too. Stop using aluminium based deodorant, it will only prevent you guys from sweating out toxins that need to be released, and will keep it trapped in your lymphatic system.

Take care of your adnoids, the anxiety, restlessness, and Depression is all caused by adrenal fatigue. There are massage therepists that specialize in lymphatic drainage, or you can become a you tube warrior, because let me tell you, becoming healthy in this day and age is expensive!

I'm happy to help you in any way that I can, please feel free to email me at I spent 5 years in pre-medical school, only to walk away due to my disgust and utter lack of confidence in the established health industry.

All the best, keep up the good fight, and hang in there sister.


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