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Re: Seeking help for my family and children please
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Published: 5 years ago
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Re: Seeking help for my family and children please

Let me start by saying how sorry I feel that you and your family are going through this.....
I also have been going through a similar situation, all through not as horrific as yours. My 8 year old caught Pinworms. At first like most most I freaked out! Frustrated with her for maybe picking them up for not washing her hands well, putting her fingers in her nose or mouth and trying to figure out how, where, and from who she got this nasty disgusting thing. And so sad and overwhelmed that I could not comfort her in any way..... She was absolutely miserable and here I ma her mother that was supposed to help her and I could not. I felt so helpless not knowing what to do. We found this at night and I finally was able to get her to the Pediatrician the very next morning. They told us she had Pinworms told us to have her and the whole family take Reeseís Pinworm treatment 1 does and repeat in 2 weeks.
We did. Well now she seems to think she is better, but my husband and I now have them, my older daughter says she doesnít. But I think her and my Little one are so sick of Mommie talking about Pinworms they say all is ok.
Well let me just start by saying the hell these little things can cause.
Not just the bottom and vaginal itching. But now we are itching in throat, our nose, eyes, ears, face. Every where. Well back to Pediatrician and I also went to the doctor. I was told I had upper respiratory infection and put on Antibiotics and told Pinworms are only in the anal area and it is psychological itching every where else. ***** like many others have been told*****
The Pediatrician said something Dianís gave a prescription for something stronger than Reeseís Pinworm treatment that we all started.
Well I am literally going INSANE, having depression, anxiety, and cannot sleep. But I know I am not crazy. I have seen what I think are hatchlings it larvae (from research on line) on my clothes, bedding and my husband also sees them but thinks it is dandruff.
I have put dark brown sheets on our beds and I have been wearing black clothes every day so I can see these THINGS and collect them.
When put in a baggie and looked at in sunlight they definitely do not look like dandruff and I have even pulled something out of my nose.

I like you am looking for answers how to get rid of these horrible disgusting things FOREVER. And I have so many questions. Over the last few months I have been up and down the internet and trying so many of the recommendations. From Diatamaceous Earth, Para free, probiotics, and a paste for our bottoms of clove oil, needs oil, garlic, and vasaline or coconut oil. With only Very little relief. And what is SAFE for children and for how long are these things safe to take......
So SORRY for the long post . My family also needs HELP!!!!!
And not the mother told to go on antidepressants. Below I have a few questions I PRAY and HOPE someone can help answer.

- What really! Works to get rid of Pinworms?
- What is SAFE for Children to take?
- What amounts (how much) of these oils, DE, or supplements
For children and adults shone taken and how often and for how
- What kills the EGGS? I have read : to clean with, put in bedding,
Put In underpants, diapers, and the wash. BUT then read can
Irritate skin and DONOT breath Iím because harmful to lungs???
- What Kills EGFS? I also just ordered Natures Eradicator to clean
With . But is this safe for children to be around and safe for
All types of surfaces?????
* I also ordered Kleen Free naturally also supposed to kill eggs
But bottle says cleans enzymes NON Living matter?????
- Also what do these little worms do during that time of month?
- Should girls be doing something different during our period?
- Would it be good to do a colon cleaning like a colonic?
- What Colon Cleanse is safe for children?
- What Colon Cleanse is best for adults
- Lastly are these natural remedies, oils,supplements safe to take
With other prescription medication. ( I had Thyroid Cancer and
Had a Thyroid Ectomy and have to to Thyroid meds daily)


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