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Re: Seeking help for my family and children please
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Published: 5 years ago
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Re: Seeking help for my family and children please

So I've been a lurker on these boards for a few months now but after reading this post and how similar it is to me & my situation, I HAD to join & post a response! I have had symptoms that fall in line with parasitic infection since as early as I can remember. I have a 2 year old and an 8 month old as well and about 4 months ago I found *what I thought was* part of an onion peel that didn't digest at all. I just thought to myself "well, that's disgusting.." a few more times this happened when I hadn't been eating anything with onion (it was actually after eating a few pumpkins worth of pumpkin seeds after Halloween..) so I took to the internet. What I now believe it to have been is a flatworm segment (some sort of tapeworm) and I regret not thinking to analyze the 3 or 4 times these passed from me. Now I am eating garlic and analyzing closely all of my stools, finding TONS of different varieties of parasites and I'm so worried about my kids as I believe the doctors have blown off my concerns as postpartum depression. I even saw a therapist because they had me convinced I actually was crazy and maybe I was not someone who should be raising kids. How dare they! I am a FANTASTIC mother. It sounds like you are too based on how willing you are to fight for proper care of your children & their health!
My husband attributes it to Depression and recently I brought up my desire to do parasite cleansing naturally but he thinks it's too disgusting to talk about and refuses to acknowledge the likelihood that he ALSO has worms crawling about inside him.
From as long as I can remember, maybe about 5 years old, I remember seeing "rice" in my BM's and thinking how weird it was when I didn't eat rice and that everything looked like rice after it was processed. I didn't eat rice for years because of how significant that was in my memory.
Every doctor tells me my symptoms are "just gas", "signs of fibromyalgia" or "maybe lupus" (it's never lupus, thank you House). I have been diagnosed with endometriosis, thalassaemia (mediterranean anemia) among many other suspected things that I refuse to be tested for due to my disappointment with lack of answers. I also tested GBS+ during both of my pregnancies but as I am severally allergic to all the Antibiotics that qualify for prevention of transmission during labor, I was given a midwife with knowledge of natural remedies to help as best we could. Both of my children are completely fine and not cultured because I did vaginal garlic suppositories every other night for the last month(ish) of pregnancy and eating greek yogurt for probiotics. My results with natural treatment started there.
I fear for my future, and my kids & their future.. my family's health.. everything! I have seen improvement with just incorporating 3-4 cloves of raw garlic a day into my diet and being mindful of sugar. If I do eat sugars, I can literally feel the crawling/flipping sensation under my left rib cage and it makes such an obnoxious growling/gurgling sound (my husband calls it the smoke monster a la "Lost") that I have such embarrassment and anxiety to go out because of it. I have taken video of the noise (it happens when I breathe and nothing more) so maybe I will start a post on here to see if anyone else has experienced it.

Anyway, I realize this is basically just a LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT ME post but I wanted you to know that your vulnerability and search for answers has finally motivated me to do that same. If not for myself, then for my young kids, so they aren't stuck submitting to the negligence and ego of modern medicine when it comes to serious health issues. THANK YOU!

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