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Re: 2nd Liver Flush
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Published: 3 years ago
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Re: 2nd Liver Flush

>> 1) I have cleaned up my diet ALOT. im a 27 year old male (with a history of long Antibiotic courses, c-section birth, smoking cigarettes, alcohol abuse, negative behaviours etc) in the last few years I got skin issues, hair thinning, constant fatigue even though my sleeping habits have improved, and some other issues that come and go...the last two years I have been on this health journey and started to educate myself on how to change diet and lifestyle..I eat alot of fruit and vegetables now, with some meat, i cook everything myself mostly. is fruit ok to eat as it is high in sugar?

"History of Antibiotics " -- This will produce unbalance in your gut and colon, Antibiotics kill all bacteria, the good and the bad, not only the bad bacteria (and also does not kill any virus which is why is prescripted in the first place) and it happens to ocurr that on your guts good bacteria share their spot with a type of fungi that everyone has that called candida. It helps digests carbs and Sugar but when all bacteria is dead then this fungy has all the spot to grow and it morphs itself into candida albicans. On this new form it will produce a lot of toxins to your body and you will suffer from chronic fatigue. This fungi feeds on Sugar and lives on an acidic anaerobic environment (lack of oxygen). So, when you smoke, this is pure poison in so many forms but it will acidify your body, same with alcohol, it will produce Gallstones and with Gallstones come bad bile flow and with bad bile flow candida has all the spot to grow too. Some people to combat candida stop eating all suger including fruits but I can tell you that fruits are very different from all the pastas and refined sugars people are consuming. Fruits are the best and safest to eat but you gotta know how to eat them. You eat them alone and do not do weird combinations. Cause if you eat them after you had a big meal as desert, like lots of people do.. it will ferment, and fermentation causes candida. Fruits get absorved by the body fast and they are a good source of antioxidants and vitamins and the type of Sugar is also different from the processed sugars you find out there. I cannot recommend meats for health as they are an unclean product that produce acidity and constipation and they are also filled with hormones, Antibiotics and other stuff to make it look good when in reality it is a dead body. It also has a lot of sturated fat which is a gallstone producer, and people like to fry this stuff which is a gallstone producer. Any seed trans fat is a gallstone producer. If you gotta eat meat id recommend having fish here and there and not everyday and for sure not 3 times a day. Also steam your veggies, not not pass everything on big fire as cooking changes everything from alkaline to acidic. Fish has to be cooked that is certain.

>>>2) I do alot of walking possibly 1 or 2 hours of constant walking per day. I am now realising how important exercise is and I am planning to start running, hiking and cycling again and setting up a proper routine. Will this help me with Seb Derm issues or will it cause flare ups with all the sweat etc..? at the moment I am at the point where i have changed diet, lifestyle, quit alcohol and cigarettes, i do smoke weed occasionally, I am going to continue to do a series of Liver Flushing (only done 2 so far) so i think from what i researched exercise is a key thing im missing out, i just dont want my symptoms to get worse..

Excercise is key for your health to keep your cardiovascual system and limphatic system in good form. Here is the deal, the lymphatic system is your waste removal system and it does not work like blood that gets pumped, it is a system that gets moved by your own very movement, see how important exercise is? Your skin is your third kidney. Your skin cannot get worse because of excersice, it can only get better because if you have a skin problem (and this won-t say any dermatologist becasue they are a big fraud) is that when you start having any sort of skin problem it is a sign that your kidneys and liver are overloaded and you are also not sweating these toxins and they have to come out somewhere. Wash your face with some natural soup. Do the liver flush, do some kidney cleanse, do colon cleanse, do excercise, do drink a lot of water. Excercise keeps your body oxygenated too.

>>>3) Do you recommend taking probiotic capsules or should i just stick to my own home mad probiotics like sauerkraut, yogurt and kefir? I don't know if the pills do anything for me as i have taken some in the past and didnt notice any difference

I'd recommend having them both. Some people will argue that live bacteria cannot survive in capsules and live products are better. This may be right but mixing will not hurt you. If you have lots of candida also you gotta kill it. Garlic kills it, unrefined cold pressed coconut oil kills it, alkaline body kills it, good bile flow kills it. I recently came to see this product named Oxypowder which is Colon Cleanse based on oxygen, and oxygen kills candida. Some people like to take this and I will try it too. Take probiotics.

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