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Re: Hijacked Hair
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Published: 4 years ago
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Re: Hijacked Hair

I learned what this part is wish is one of many many symptoms of morgellons. I know it sounds weird but it is actually a parasite. Three or four off them to be honest. I collected all my scalp flakes and all the debris that just accumulates in my room, car, anywhere I spend a few minutes and I learned several thinGas (oh God help you if it goes the way mine did...I have about four thousand high def videos and pics of all my symptoms including my dancing hair but what will really drive you crazy is if like mine your hair develops a PAC man mouth in the bulbs and now every single EVERY SINGLE HAIR on my body, fuzz, pubic, had, ear, nose, each strand lunges at the others attacking and biting it. I have hair on film just going at it for an hour until one opoment stops moving and his bulb is devoured by the other strand. Of course, I have theeeeeee worst case I have ever heard of and that ain't a big fish story....the last thing on earth I want in life is to be paid attention. I simply say so because it is unfortunately true. In fact, I have never even shared my worst symptoms or videos in all my life just because I know nobody would believe it. I know I wouldn't, some of my symptoms make me think it really may have an extraterrestrial origin (and that probably sounds crazy but fact of the day-three of the biggest illnesses in history are extraterrestrial. I forgot one but the Spanish Flu was as well as the Bubonic Plague. Scientists are now certain that a meteorite or debris from space which impacted the earth condenser in Europe is the culprit which brought the virus to earth causing rats to go get warm near it and explore it and they caught it from the rock which the fleas sucked up then gave people. In elementary they tell you bout the rats and fleas but not that the virus came from space so I wonder why knowing that as well as the discovery of bacteria on asteroids they can't officially say there's other life out there....but I digress....

I do not know how it all happens or works but here is how I bet yours is...

I bet that in your hair, there are either very very light fluffy hairs as if a cotton ball were stripped of indivodual tiny fibers and laced in your hair?? And then I bet that in your snot, boogers, ear wax, spit, scabs, etc. You can often see a mm long black straight hair as if you shaved with a razor and the little black hair pieces got into everything? Well, with a microscope I determined one problem is an unidentified, recently evolved, genetically modified, or alien nematomorph which is likely in the...phylum is it? The phylum to which also belongs the whipworm. In fact, every now and then you might see fleas, lice, bedbugs, roaches, larvae, on you or in your home and if you don't use microscope but naked eye or magnifying glass, you will see they all look like Grey have a hair in their mouths. Drop me in water. It won't react like whipworm but the hair will start to dance. What happened is one of these bugs, likely a louse or flea, had one of these while it ate your blood or hair and somehow eggs got dispersed to all tour hairs. If ypi look carefully at a bug enough hair naked eye or microscope, you will see instead of the long tube of hair u looked at in sixth grade science, it is not hollow and a black or brown line runs along the center. If you have black hair dammit, you can't see it probably. I have even cut my hair open and removed it and dropped in water to ensure it was a whipworm cousin type parasite. You will notice they get into everything. Your shirt, your cloth upholstery, rugs, they will get crisp sharp hairs like a dam needle at the end sticking right out the cloth. However the bugs got it,it seems it is not a type they ever were susceptible to in the past. Pesticides maybe changed DNA? Anyway I can tell you a whole lot more that I know and have learned in the little tie I have led alive but I gotta run now. Btw one of your pics looks like a parasite with bloody mouth in your hair just like mine. Oh and all the ivermectin praziquantal and albendazole on earth has helped me any longer than 24-48 hours in which they settle down a bit but are always there seven years now destroyed my life and will take it shortly.

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