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Best and Only? Oh Barf!
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Published: 3 years ago
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Best and Only? Oh Barf!

Imagine that! A product which claims to be uniquely the best silver solution - in this case "The Best and ONLY True Colloidal Silver " - vouched for by a doctor or scientist who has a vested interest in the product and proven by their own research. Where have I seen this kind of snake oil speil before? Everywhere - by countless silver products all claiming to somehow be uniquely superior to other ones. Give me an f'ing break!

They tell us nothing about their "unique" patented production method, not even whether or not the product is true Colloidal Silver as claimed instead of yet another ionic electrolysis produced product. Instead, they call their product "Cellular Silver" and tell us that it is different from Colloidal Silver products. Most telling to me is that they also fudge on their particle sizes - saying only that they range from .40 microns to 1 nanometer. .4 Microns for chrissakes? That's a whopping 400 nanometers. Not nearly as small of particles as Utopia-Silver 's Advanced Colloidal Silver or Purest Colloids Mesosilver, which actually are true colloidal silver, which range from a few nanometers to sub-nanometer size.

BTW, for those who follow research into silver nanoparticles, small particles have been shown to have the best pathogen killing ability. Which is what I and the true colloidal silver makers have been saying for years now.

For example: In the recent year study "Smart Micro/Nano Particles in Stimulus-Responsive Drug/Gene Delivery Systems" published in Chemical Society Reviews, the researchers say: "Size-dependent investigations have mostly shown that smaller NPs can cause more toxicity than larger ones . . . For example, 10 nm sized silver (Ag) NPs induced higher cytotoxicity compared to those of larger which was attributed to more release of 10 nm Ag NPs"

Oh, and they also tell us about its impressive 99.9999 percebt "in vivo" kill rates. So what? All kinds of things are deadly to pathogens in petri dishes. How about "in vitro", i. e,, in the body itself? That reminds me more than a little bit of all the things that are touted as cancer cures because they kill high percentages of cancer cells in petri dishes. Again, so what - any number of items can kill cancer cells in a petri dish. The trick is killing ALL cancer cells in the body.

If anyone is impressed by their website and video hype, then I can show you any number of other products making similar claims. As for myself, well, not meaning to pizz you off my good friend, but just like with those other products, pass the hype and color me unimpressed.

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