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Dysbiosis from Antibiotics - itching, hair loss, and impotence

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Agent Benzo Views: 1,509
Published: 3 years ago

Dysbiosis from Antibiotics - itching, hair loss, and impotence

PLEASE help:
TLDR - I was prescribed an Antibiotic "clindamycin" back in December 2016 for a toothache and after 5 days, all of the symptoms listed below came out of nowhere. I was very healthy before with no problems at all. Something is very wrong with my digestive system and pretty much ruined me and my relationships. I need to know people's experience with dysbiosis and opinions on what this might be. I have been fighting this for 5 months now (when I finally figured out that this is not just temporary and is the result of dysbiosis) and nothing has improved.

Most prominent symptoms include:

- Total lack of libido, sex drive, major erectile dysfunction. Oddly enough, these symptoms have disappeared at strange times when I have had very extreme acidity in my digestive tract and cases of explosive diarrhea (sorry for that). Also seems to be lessened when my bowel consistency is loose but not watery.

- Random food allergies that cause weird stinging itching all over the body, especially face and scalp shortly after eating ... and even when not eating.

- Dry flaky skin, especially on scalp.

- Major hair shedding , he's lost half of his hair and it seems to be associated with the food allergy itching.

- super Brain fog and social seclusion.

- Hands and feet are almost always cold

- Major weight loss.

- I don't have any topical fungal issues to be seen. I also have not been "sick" with a cold or flu since this all started which is strange, and I have definitely been exposed.

Regime that I have tried and has not helped so far (slightly):

- I will admit that there is no consistency in my diet, but I have tried several types and nothing seems to help. I will also admit that I cannot seem to cut out sugar, which probably doesn't help at all. Coffee, Apple Cider Vinegar, Lemon Juice, Olive oil, and coconut oil all seem to make the itchiness and hair loss much more aggravated.

- Colostrum -- unfortunately this causes major constipation so he doesn't use it unless he's gonna do a purge afterwards
- Restore 4 Gut Health - no effects

- Slippery elm - no effects

- Kefir and a sh!t ton of probiotics - improves my mood but not for long.

- Turpentine (to an extent) - no effects except for one time that took away the libido issues but made itchiness much worse. Only lasted 2 days and then back to same old bad self.

- Wheat grass and ginger (makes erectile dysfunction worse), oil of oregano, garlic, cayenne, seem to make the itching worse sometimes... it's not consistent all the time though.

- Pau Darco, Grapefruit Seed extract - no results ... not sure if I have to give these more time.

- coffee enemas more recently, i haven't seen any parasites come out but. Maybe a liver fluke but that's it, and no mucoid plaque that has been seen.

- Overall, it seems that when my system is more alkalized and anti inflammatory (wheat grass, magnesium, ginger, turmeric), my itching is lessened but erectile dysfunction is worsened..... but when I am more acidic (lemons, Apple Cider Vinegar, etc.) the itching is increased and erectile dysfunction is lessened. But again this is not always consistent. This is driving me crazy!!

I know I have to get a stool analysis done to figure this out but I am depressed and not optimistic.

I dont feel like a man anymore and feel like a shadow of my former self. I feel like my relationship has suffered, but luckily I have the most amazing-understanding-supportive-rockstar-Barbie girlfriend in the world who assures me that she loves me no matter what ... and I feel so blessed and grateful to have the gift of her love.

I am certain that the source of these issues lie in my damaged gut because the hair loss and libido issues seem to fade in a fasted state which I has tried a few times, but can't sustain for more than 1 day because of work. Ironically enough, when I have been severely constipated sometimes with major bloating, or when he has severe diarrhea, the libido problems and brain fog completely vanished ... I have caught slight glimpses of normalcy in these states, but obviously it's not sustainable and very uncomfortable.

I feels that something is blocking the nutrient absorption in the upper intestinal tract and causing inflammation and allergies because the itching and hair shedding begins shortly after eating, like within a half hour. Im not sure if there is Candida, or damaged stomach lining, or intestinal lining , but there's gotta be something insidious going on inside me.

With the colostrum, wheat grass, Bentonite and digestive enzymes, his food allergy has seemed to slightly improve but everything else is complete dog sh!t still.

I have been to 2 general practitioners, a dermatologist, an allergist, and a gastroenterologist... all of which can tell him nothing about what in hell is going on. Testosterone level is above average and Thyroid is normal from 2 blood tests. Had a hair test mineral analysis done and all of the essential minerals were on the medium/low side. There was a slightly elevated level of mercury, but it wasn't considered on the medium/high side by the chart indicated.

I dont know what the hell to do at this point and I am deeply concerned for my health. I just want to have my normal life back and get better because it is draining me to a depressive state.

I hope that you guys can give me some pointers here and let me know that I am not alone. I love all of you and wish you the best of health in your journeys.

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