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Video Embedded mercury fillings removal dangers and risks
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Published: 3 years ago
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mercury fillings removal dangers and risks

We excrete mercury and many other heavy metals through liver and through kidneys, by bile and by urine. Also by hair, nails, and dead skin (peeling lips? Seb Derm? Eczema ?).

The problem is, a lot of bile is reabsorbed back into the bloodstream by the large intestine, and is returned back into the liver by portal vein.
When you do a Liver Flush with Epsom Salts , almost no bile is reabsorbed back into the bloodstream, almost 100% of bile is flushed out with diarrhea.
That is one of the mechanisms by which repeated Liver Flushing helps improve health, as it is a way of flushing heavy metals, pesticides, and hormones out from your system.

The process of removal of mercury Amalgam fillings involves drilling the fillings.
Drilling heats up the filling and breaks the filling into many smaller particles, sometimes 100 smaller particles. As mercury Amalgam fillings are 50% mercury, mercury fumes are released, sometimes 10 000 times more concentrated than what happens when you are chewing foods or drinking hot drinks.

Even with a strong air and liquid suction from your mouth, you still end up breathing a lot of highly concentrated mercury fumes into your lungs, where mercury gets absorbed into the bloodstream.

Bloodstream carries mercury all over your body, and mercury tends to be deposited into organ tissues, including liver, kidneys, intestines, muscle fat, bone marrow, brain, etc.

Only the craziest idiots could have come up with an idea to place mercury into dental fillings.
It has been known for more than 50 years how toxic mercury is, and there are still crazy idiots arguing that mercury Amalgam fillings pose no danger to people.

In most of Europe, mercury amalgam fillings have been banned for many years, Norway being the first country to outlaw use of mercury, excuse being: saving the nature and the environment from mercury pollution.

When people with mercury amalgam fillings are cremated, and most people in Norway are cremated, huge amount of toxic mercury fumes are released to the air.
That was the official, politically correct excuse to ban mercury amalgam fillings in Norway.
They were not allowed to say the real truth. Some truths are extremely inconvenient.

So, you should not be really worried about what happened with small particles of amalgam that you may have swallowed after the removal. Most of those particles pass through your intestines, and are out the next day.

The real problem are the fumes that have been taken by your lungs, and that have allowed mercury to enter all of your organs, and all of your cells, but mostly lungs, liver, kidneys, fat cells, brain and bone marrow.

For more than 100 years, mercury was used as a manin filling, and people are wondering why our generation is so much more susceptible to chronic diseases, in comparison to our ancestors.



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