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Trump-Hating Media, Riddle Me This (My Two Cents)
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Published: 3 years ago

Trump-Hating Media, Riddle Me This (My Two Cents)

Every day, day after day, week after week, hour after hour ever since Donald J. Trump was elected as our President, the shocked and embarrassed mainstream media that had been gloating over his certain defeat has been treating their audiences to a an orgy of vitriol to try to bring Trump down. Every single damned day we are told by breathless, self-righteous pundits and so-called journalists with spittle flying from their lying lips and looks of shock and indignation of the latest object of their obsession that is sure to be the end of the man they love to hate so badly.

Russia! Russia! Russia! Collusion! Obstruction! Stormy. Oh yes, slobber, slobber, slobber, pant, pant, pant - Stormy! Stormy! Stormy! Stormy! Non-stop, 24/7 for over 15 months we have been told over and over that some new glaring piece of evidence or something Trump has said or done or a new perjury trap indictment or leak from the Muelleer Witch Hunt will surely be the end of him. Impeachment is guaranteed! Treason! Prison! Guillotine!

Never have these paragons of truth and righteousness ever seen such wrong doing by a President. Never! And you can trust us, because we are the media - never mind all of the retractions we've had to make or our own very real sex scandals that have thinned our ranks.

So riddle me this, almighty media members (and the followers who have been drinking the Koolaid you have served up by the gallons-full as the hypopocrite celebrities in Hollywood Babylon and elsewhere):

Where has your faux-outrage, shock and indignation been for all the years of corruption by the Clintons? How about when a sitting President preyed on a young starstruck intern and got blowjobs in the Oval Office? Or later on, when it became apparent that not only was he a lecherous serial adulterer, he was also a rapist and serial assualter? How about the pay for play Clinton Foundation? How about the undeniable felonies and lies from the classified emails on Hillary's private server?

How about the huge lies, scandals and corruption of your false-messiah Obama and his administration? Keep your insurance, keep your doctor, insurance policy prices going down by $2500 a year, IRS, not a smidgen of corruption, Fast and Furious. How about the Conspiracy within the highest levels of the DOJ, FBI and other departments to first rig a Presidential election and then, failing that, to take down a duly elected President?

How about an unprecedented number of unmasking of private citizens - hundreds of them, and the majority during the final lame-term months leading up to Trump's inaugeration? How about the way Obama and his activist cronies weaponized and politicized our government agencies like never in our history? How about the biggest political scandal of our lifetime, unfolding now before our very eyes (well, at least unfolding before the eyes of those who look beyond your smokescreen of hatred)?

Meanwhile, despite being under unprecedented siege against him, his family and his administration from all corners of the media and the Deep State swamp, our President has accomplished more in his first 15 months in office than any President since FDR. More than most Presidents in an entire 4 to 8 years in office.

Increased GDP to almost 3%, led to the lowest unemployment in almost two decades, historically low black, Hispanic and women unemployment, increased take home pay for almost 90% of American workers, over 500 large companies and countless small ones giving substantial bonuses, wage increases and/or benefit increases, several utility companies in 48 states lowering their bills.

Destruction of the ISIS caliphate, North Korea brought to the table to reconcile with South Korea, maybe end the war and DENUCLEARIZE, creation of over 3 million new jobs including hundreds of thousands of manufacturing jobs . . . I could go on and on and on here.

We didn't listen to you when you tried to tell us how to vote and we aren't listening to you now. Get over the damned election already. We won and you lost and all you are accomplishing now is insuring that we will win and you will lose again. We don't care about Trump's faubles, whether it be something inappropriate or less than 100% accurate or a fling he had when he was a billionaire celebrity playboy.

We weren't electing a Sunday School teacher, we were electing a man beholden to no one, who loved his country so much that he subjected himself and his family to incredible grief he did not need in order to help turn our country and our economy around and to disrupt the donor class status quo. To expose the Deep State and drain the swamp. To replace activist judges who legislated a left wing agenda from the bench with ones who ruled according to the Constitution.

Somehow, in spite all the attacks and hatred, Donald J. Trump has made us safer and more prosperous and he continues to do so. Is anything more important than those considerations for we and our families? Maybe you had rather go back to the likes of Obama, who assured us that sub-2% GPD growth and stagnant wages was the new norm, that it was not possible to increase manufacturing jobs or bring lost ones back? Not me. And not tens of millions of other heretofore forgotten Americans in the heartland, whose support for President Trump remains steadfast,

Don't look now, but in spite of your best efforts, Trump's popularity continues to rise. And the IG Report (remember that?) is only weeks away from being released. Already the co-conspirators and the real criminals and colluders are fleeing the swamp. Just wait until that report comes out! The IG Report, an ever-improving economy, rising popularity, the narrow(ing) gap in the generic ballot.

And what do you suppose will happen if there is a deal with North Korea? Renegotiated trade deals that put us first? And a Democrat Party which moves ever further left, with no message and Nancy "Crumbs" Pelosi as a figurehead? Plus Hillary and Comey continuing their pathetic tours and speeches . . .

Maybe you better get out some paddles, media boys and girls, because that blue wave you predicted does not appear to be happening any more than the Hillary and Democrat landslide you predicted and tried to help engineer in 2016. By all means, keep up the good (bad) work. Russia! Russia! Russia! Collusion! Obstruction! Stormy! Stormy! Stormy! Impeachment!

The only thing we are listening to is your insuring us victory as you insure your own downfall. RIP American media - and good riddance.

My two cents.

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