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Re: Just pondering... Seems like somethings missing!
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Published: 5 years ago
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Re: Just pondering... Seems like somethings missing!

I got some bumps too. I didn’t take enough B2, B3, vit C according to ‘The Iodine Crisis’ book. So.. after a month of dosing from 12.5mg to 37.5mg I stopped. Then, not sure of the actual time, maybe a month later I started taking still less than recommended B2, B3 (like 100mg ea at times plus a b complex and multi. I am taking Niacin way more consistent than B2). I recently started getting Acne around my mouth and a couple bumps on my upper back which could be Acne like. That happened near when I added 10k IU vit D3, 100mg K2 (mk-7) an tried lysine 500mg a couple times since I would get a little sick when eating nuts (I figured it was the arginine to lysine ratio maybe).

Now.. I don’t know why I would get more stuff since I basically am at 375mcg or 150mcg Iodine daily. Some of the Acne has no white heads which leads me to think it’s the bromide.

As a pre thing I believe my body has had a ton of bromide :( I use to eat bread 5 days a week for like 6 years (4years in highschool lunch and 2 for work). Unfortunately when I was young bread was on the food pyramid. since then I cut the daily bread when I learned it was probably the cause of my cavities. I never eat any fish or anything so my natural Iodine intake is probably horrible.

I thought in a way it was encouraging to see the post that bromide can be excreted up to 2 years after dosing in this thread. Since I stopped taking iodine after potentially got 1-2 cyst. Plus I had a boil or cyst like thing form the month I was taking iodine. It freaked me out. and now having stopped taking it I am getting new acne. . I still have a twitching eyelid but it slowly has decreased. On a side not the biggest improvement to the twitching eyelid happened after I went to barbecue at the beach. I don’t get a lot of sunlight so my opinion is the sun exposure helped. I noticed it the same day I went that the twitch didn’t feel as powerful which is where my theory is from.

My current theory is my acne is a mix of bromide still maybe being excreted and maybe I am having that sustained effect that might’ve changed when I changed my nutrition again.
My next theory is I am increasing my testosterone and that is causing some addition acne. Since fixing the thyroid on one internet article said could increase testosterone up to 36%. Not to mention I was supplementing zinc, boron, selenium, vitamin D which could effect it.

*disclaimer* guys everything above and below is my opinion which may totally be false. I am not sure on anything since only I have to believe something. I am afraid of iodine honestly after I took it and am still nervous of it’s echoing effects. I just pray to Jesus and make my other supplements hoping it resolves. Since I am afraid of iodine I don’t recommended it to anyone if they’re interested they can read the books on it. It is probably very good for you at a safe dose but there can be detox symptoms.

as far as vitamin A goes I try to juice twice a week and drink vegtable juice 4 days of the week. So I probably put in 4 carrots a juice and a good amount of celery, a couple apples, and other random things (some times other items such as beets, dandelion, turmeric, broccoli (sprouts or non)). Carrots and my multi vitamin hopefully help my vitamin A intake. I’ve heard vit A from plants is way less bioavailable than from animals since the plant kind needs to be converted in the body please note that also.

Recently I may have fallen behind on my magnesium. I was taking that RNA reset remag. Some days I only do 1 serving instead of 2 (150mg a serving but it’s suppose to be like 99% bioavailable according to Dr Dean which made the product. However I do not see her claim on the packaging... she wrote the book Magnesium Miracle [amazing book btw listen to it on audible or something]). Maybe some of this is caused by me changing supplements too. (first when I did the iodine thing I didn’t use this supplement remag. I wAs taking 400-600mg magnesium glycinate daily instead). I believe I am magnesium deficiencent due to the contents of themagnesium miracle book and listening how it improves the heart which I believe my pulse use to be more irregular at times. Magnesium I also hear is huge in being able to reduce the effects of toxins in the body ( and apparently it was a by a huge amount).

Also daily when I use to take iodine I was only doing around 250mg to 1000mg vitamin c (ascorbic acid). Now after I quit iodine I was taking 4.5grams (sodium ascorbate) daily. I didn’t realize according to some YouTube presentations that vitamin C can detox mercury, bromide, fluoride and other items. I didn’t know (according to that presentation) each person could have a totally different need for intake which they gage on the calibration (ie take it until you get the craps and then take a percent of that daily).

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