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What does PDT have to do with nanoparticles?

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Dquixote1217 Views: 886
Published: 31 months ago
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What does PDT have to do with nanoparticles?

I am a bit confused by the site the link takes me to - it's a clinic in the Phillipines shich has a protocol called the "Cyotluminator's Philippine Protocol" that uses "photo-dynamic therapy (PDT), but makes no mention on the opening page of nanoparticles.

Evidently, the guy who wrote the material developed "my new cancer sensitizing chemical: and uses lasers to illuminate cancer and non-cells and describes their protocol which supposedly results in the death of every single cancer cell and the prevention of it every returning as:

"So this is the focus, the central theme, of everything we do. First, kill the main part of the cancer in a special way that alerts the immune system to the cancer as an enemy. Second, support the immune system with a variety of vitamins, special alkalizer compounds and several phytochemicals ( a fancy word for plant extracts ). Third, disable the cancers ability to make food using a very advanced non-toxic chemical which inhibits glycolysis and at the same time disable cancers ability to resist the immune system."

Maybe so - but after all the years and all the cancer cure claims, I a natural skeptic and statements such as this one do no allay my skepticism at all:

"The reason that boosting your immune system will not defeat cancer is because your immune system does not recognize cancer as an enemy. We use several immune boosting meds nearly all of which are herbal or a food substance, but we know it will only slow down the cancer, can only end it in very early cases and even then it usually comes back."

Not sure I agree 100% with that. I believe that you can defeat cancer and keep it from returning using natural items and a healthy anti-cancer diet and lifestyle. The immune system, especially a healthy one, recognizes and defeats cancer/abnormal cells constantly. I would hope that a person who successfully uses the treatment/protocol would continue to pay attention to a healthy Diet and lifestyle and some key supplementation rather than believe that they will never have cancer return. Maybe the protocol believes the same, since it says (or implies) that each treatment is only for the type of cancer being treated and does not insure that other cancers will not come along - as could well be the case if a person does not keep their immune system strong and does n ot eliminate and avoid toxins (which they obviously had not done previously since they got toxins and toxins are far and away the number one cause of cancer).

It could be that the treatment works wonders just as described. For my money, and my life, I will live and eat relatively healthily and take a single preventive capsule of the potent immune booster/modulator and cancer fighter Oleander extract plus some regular curcumin and a superior all-around nutitional product and be confident of keeping cancer at bay. And if I were someone who had cancer, I would use a natural anti-cancer protocol to defeat it and then take the same preventive measures to make sure it does not return.

Say, is the guy slowing down? He says early on that in 2005 he threw himself into studying cancer 14 hours a day, 7 days a week. Then towards the end he says:

"I have spent 9 years, 12 hours a day six days a week researching this and I have gone through 30,000 research papers on cancer treatment, both conventional cancer treatment and all other options, herbal, complementary, natural and a combination of all of them, with a main focus on photo-dynamic therapy."

He might want to clarify that a bit. But hey, slowing down I can understand, as alas I am no longer young and immortal. I used to go 16 -20 hours a day regularly. Could not even dream of doing that today.

Maybe you can give some more details? Looks like you have gone in a whole different direction from the last time I heard from you. It's been awhile though . . .

My best,


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