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Re: Eyebright Formula ?
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Published: 30 months ago
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Re: Eyebright Formula ?

Have you ever tried long term Juice Fasting or Water Fasting or a serii of Liver Flushes ?

Or are you one of the people who think that health of our body have nothing to do with health of our eyes ?

I did some research.

There seems to be over 600 messages on CureZone alone containing word "Eyebright".

"Eyebright would absolutely help, its used to restore eyesight and get rid of any problem with the eyes really.

We use Dr. Christopher's original formula in tincture form. You fill an eyecup with distilled water then put whatever amount of drops you are comfortable with, building up the number of drops to increase the strength."

This process sound far more safe than taking the drops of tincture straight into the eyes.
It also help people start using it when people are afraid of stinging and pain.

In most of those messages people discuss the Eyebright formula and talk about using it.
I think you should research that formula before you decide that it is to dangerous to use for you.

To have something you have never had, sometimes you must do something you have never done.

I do not think that Dr.Christopher or Dr. Schulze would be selling a herbal formula that would hurt people.
Their business would not last very long in a country where people sue each other for significantly less. Eye for an Eye !


An elderly man in Fort Worth, Texas, suffered from both glaucoma and cataracts ­and was healed completely with the formula.
A Michigan woman used it for ten days and removed cataracts on both eyes.
A woman in Kentucky, who had lost 80 percent of her sight due to a sub retinal hemorrhage, had her sight completely restored.
A California woman had the beginnings of cataracts when the gel broke in both her eyes. Her vision failed) and her eyes were so dry that she had to lift her eyelids with her fingers each morning. With Herbal Eyebright, both eyes healed and the cataracts dissolved.

And, most dramatically, an elderly woman had lived in blindness for many years; with the formula, her sight was restored. A young man who had suffered an eye injury and had gone without sight for ten years was able to see again. Two young adults, blind since birth, used the formula and were able to see!

One Missouri baby had been born with Coloboma; one eye was smaller than the other. Three leading specialists proclaimed the blindness to be permanent. The mother began patiently using Herbal Eyebright with a dropper in each of his eyes. Within three months, this supposedly blind baby was reaching for objects. By the age of three, he ran freely, his vision perfect.

Another couple had a baby born without optic nerves. Dr. Christopher knew that giving sight to such a child was almost impossible. But he knew that the formula could cause no harm, so he recommended Herbal Eyebright in the eyes and given internally, and B&B tincture dropped in the ears and given internally. Six months later, the same couple brought the child to a lecture. He chased balls across the room and picked them up; he had normal sight.


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