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I cured myself off parasites! Here's what I learned..
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Published: 4 years ago
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I cured myself off parasites! Here's what I learned..

I haven't revisited this site since my symptoms went away and I started to get my life back, yay! I just remembered there are a lot out there suffering right now and don't know what to do so I will share what worked for me.

First, it took me about 10 months and hundreds of dollars trying all kinds of herbs, colonoscopy at UCSF, seeing an Infectious Diseases Specialist at Dignity Health Ė all expensive! Below are everything I bought too, which gave me none to very little results:

- Reese's pinworm
- Oral Pro Pyrantel Pamoate Oral Suspension
- Renew Life ParaSmart - Microbial Cleanse supplement - gluten free
- NOW FOODS Fresh Green Black-Walnut Wormwood Complex
- Valbazen (from Valley Vet), Albenza
- Moxidectin, Moxi
- Ivermectin Pour-On Cattle Suspension
- Quest Plus Gel Tube
- Ivermectin Paste Tube 1.87% (MED-PHARMEX)
- PROHIBIT 52 Genetically-Modified DRENCH POWDER

Not cheap! And lots and lots of sleepless nights, misery, loneliness, helplessness.

Below was my main problem, my symptoms:
I would be awakened at 2am, 3am (when I'm in a deep sleep!) by "squirming movements" in my genitals, particularly in my labia, way in there. Sometimes on the left-side, sometimes on the right-side. Sometimes I would be at work and at 2pm or 3:30 in the afternoon while in front of the computer working away, I would feel "squirming movements" again, like worms!

This tormented me so much and I only found a community of people going through the same in curezone. I did all these below, but scroll down to the very end if you want to skip all this and get to the one thing that finally cured me..

What I went through:

1. I took Valbazen (7ml a day), Oral Pro Pyrantel Pamoate (1 shot glass-full per day), Now Foods Fresh GREEN Black-Walnut Wormwood Complex (4 droppersful on an empty stomach in the morning and then again, 2 hours before dinner on an empty stomach), and Castor Oil (to expel things out daily. I mix 15ml with orange juice first thing in the morning.) I really wanted the parasites to f*ing die already.
2. I did not have sex! My husband often threatened divorce but I could not have sex. I had worms! It was agonizing.
3. I took deworming drugs meant for cattle, sheep, horses (ordered them at But then I got scared that I would mess up my liver so I stopped and returned things I have not yet opened.
4. I mixed Castor Oil with orange juice which tasted like drinking motor oil, I swear. Although Castor Oil will clean out the walls of your intestines and it has no side effects. Read here about Castor Oil:
5. I read a blog by a millennial who dewormed herself with Wormwood , Black-Walnut Ė a more organic way than drugs for animals. Read here:
6. I read Dr. Andreas Kalcker's parasite Protocol (there are photos): (though I did not ultimately follow this protocol)
7. I bought papayas, scooped out the seeds in the papayas and put them in the blender. I cut up fresh pineapples, I ate tons of garlic, turmeric, cloves. My poor taste buds, I ignored bad-tasting things and learned to swallow real quick with my tongue up!
8. Finally, I came across something about enema, which really is the one thing that cured me. Yes, enema. And yes, I was afraid of even the thought of it. Nobody wants to do an enema, but after I got over the initial fear largely because I knew I couldn't go on with a life with squirming worms and the sleepless nights. Iím usually a happy person but I began to get depressed. I hit rock bottom and was so desperate. So yes, enema.
Read about enemas here:

What I did:

I ordered an enema kit from This is the best company for enema kits. Let me tell you, if you feel something squirming or moving around inside of your body, inside of your private parts, or in your anus - during the day or at night. Don't waste your time with doctors, specialists, anti-parasitic herbs, deworming things for animals. Just buy an enema kit, watch the videos in or in YouTube. And give yourself an enema. I expelled so much in the toilet and flushed without looking even once. I don't need to look! My first time I expelled so much and flushed three times, I actually felt really good, and light afterward. The symptoms I was having almost immediately went away after the first time I did enema. I've been doing enema at least once a week since for maintenance. That's it, guys, the solution that worked for me was enema.

I hope this helps you all. Do not fall into despair, I know the feeling. Iím telling you, look into enema. Google ďcoffee enemaĒ. Go to the purelifenema site and check out the videos in there. Peace.

An update:
Today is May 15, 2019

I WAS doing the coffee enema about every other day but was still really suffering from lack of sleep due to "movements" in my vagina. Yes, the coffee enema helps but not completely getting rid of my symptoms, plus it was getting to be a challenge finding time to do the enema and cleaning out the equipment.
After going to see an OB/GYN this time at UCSF and being turned away for lack of anything they can find on the slides (they gave me a papsmear, took a sample, etc). I decided to visit an alternative medicine doctor because I've already tried UCSF and its many different departments.
I was told what I was suffering from was Ė CANDIDA. I was told that the good bacteria in my gut was overpowered by the bad bacteria, which are parasites you can't see, due to my poor diet of eating too much Sugar everyday. And it had nothing to do with my husband, the candida is aggravated when having sex because it's living in my insides, I forget where in my insides.

I went home and searched further online on more information on candida and decided right then and there to stop eating all foods with refined sugar. This includes my favorites: cake, donuts, chocolate, Starbucks frappuccinos, everything. I also stopped cold-turkey with eating bread, pasta, and rice. That includes pizza. Yes, I was at the end of my rope and was determined to get back to my normal life.

I'm happy to report that 4 weeks later (one month now and still going!) I've kept up my new way of eating. I've lost weight, too, and I look great! Almost immediately on the first day, my symptoms went away, I slept like a baby that night. And I don't feel funny movements anymore down there. The first week was hard but gradually, my Sugar cravings went away. I ate a lot of plain Greek yogurt with slivered almonds and cinnamon, and I ate salads like Jennifer Aniston. I make my salads interesting with avocado, etc.

Anyway, I'm so happy I've found a solution that worked and it's free and it worked immediately. Now, I know some people here are genuinely suffering from ropeworms, parasites, threadworms. I thought I had those, based on the "crawling movements" I felt daily in my vagina. But I guess what I had was candida.

Do I miss ice cream, cake, cookies, pizza, KFC? I never imagined I would say this, but no. My taste buds changed and I eat clean, and I feel like I'm a part of a special group of people who are trim, healthy, happy and fit. I hope this helps someone.

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