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Requesting Sharkman Advice...
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Published: 3 years ago
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Requesting Sharkman Advice...

Greetings all and Happy New Year.
Hasnt been a happy holiday season whatsoever for my family unfortunately. Xmas was cancelled due to PARASITES!
I'm brand new to this board and hoping for all the help and advice I can get. Here's our story:
----I noticed a bit of itchiness in the rectum after a couple of bouts of diarrhea. Had to wipe a lot to get clean and upon examining noticed little dark specks in every wipe. I thought they might be eggs of some sort. It was late night and the wife and child were asleep. I took a flashlight and examined the sofa where I'd been sitting. Found a couple specks on the white cushion. Pulled the cushion off and inspected the sofa, found a strange whitish thread way up the back of the couch between the cushions as well as a live insect (maybe the size of a flea or a lice?) I ultimately decide the thread had to be just a thread and the bug was too big and must have been there randomly. (I have little to no experience with worms or lice)
Checked my 10 yo son in his sleep and I could see some type of silvery threads (far far smaller and thinner than the thread I found on the couch) And, thats when our problems began on or around October 24th, 2018. Next day I informed wife, kept son from school, researched and ended up with Pyrantel Pamoate from the drug store. Went out and bought a bunch of natural health stuff as well, all the usual stuff from Wormwood to Black-Walnut extract, tea tree oil, etc., and kept my son home from school for a few days to deal with the issue.
That was well over 2 months ago, and the issue has continued to GROW.
We started treating w/ pyrantel according to standard dosing instructions which was doing nothing and we starting noticing white stuff (eggs) in our underpants, then in our shirts, etc. Finally got in to a doctor and got a scrip for Albendazole for one of us. These docs have got to be the biggest bunch of bumbling, pretentious idiots ever. At every appt I informed the GP that there were 3 of us in our home infected, but nevertheless we all had to wait weeks to be seen individually (a couple weeks of the most cursory exams possible, no actual testing, and repeated misdiagnoses later) we all finally had Albendazole, but scrips were all staggered out at different times and to be taken once, 400 mg, every two weeks. It seemed to do nothing for any of us. I did wonder how the same dose was prescribed for my 78lb son as for me at 225lbs, but surely the docs know what theyre doing, I imagined.
After over a month of taking albendazole sporadically (the insurance will only cover one dose every 2 weeks for an individual) and finally starting permethrin cream (also limited to 1 tube every 2 weeks per the insurance) We found ourselves itching and itching all the time and all our clothing fairly covered with these white eggs.
I thought we must have bedbugs in addition to the pinworms. I finally got rid of all our furniture and our beds, washed and cleaned and sealed clothes up into plastic bags, moved out of the carpeted bedroom and all 3 of us sleeping in the vinyl floored living room now on cots with thin camping mattresses (polyurithane?) and sitting fold out camping chairs. Cleaning and washing and spraying constantly. The eggs become airborne when dislodged from fabrics and float around and get into your eyes, nose, lungs, mouth, etc.
After losing my mind trying to convince the doctor we need help he finally got rid of me by referring me to a dermatologist. By the time I got in (I was the only one referred, not the rest of my suffering family) I had strange scratch marks (tracks) at various places on my body, particularly at the wrist. I remember waking up one morning with extreme pain in my hand, the two middle fingers on one hand hurt so badly it was like I'd punched something in the middle of the night and broken the knuckles. The pain lasted most of the day, then disappeared.
I dragged the fam with me into the dermatologist appt to his chagrin and told my story. It seemed he specializes in tattoo removal. He stood back about 5 feet from us and did not examine. He was simply trying to get me out of there, and told me that no worm or bug could make scratch marks like those I had on my wrist and back of my hand and he guaranteed that I had done it in my sleep. He was setting me up with a prescription for hydrocortisone cream and maybe ketonazole when I finally insisted he treat us for scabies, as I think thats what we have. He was doubtful, but he was trying to leave the room so he said, ok if thats what you want and offered more permethrin. I had researched the night prior and I said we want Ivermectin! So I left with a scrip for ivermectin. Had to call back and go back a couple of times to get the scrip extended to my wife and son and repeatedly inform doctor and staff that it was important that we treat simultaneously rather than waiting for the individual appts they had set up over the next couple weeks. Seriously, the Monumental stupidity must be experienced to be truly understood. I had to wait and wait and call and call. Then, when the scrip finally came thru I learned that my insurance won't cover ivermectin because supposedly its Still not approved for treatment of scabies!
Based on that, I assumed it must be some radical new stuff and would probably cure us with a single dose (as I had read was possible) and so I paid out of pocket the $200 plus cost of the scrips. The derm had set it for me to take 6 3mg tabs of Iver on days 1,2,8,9, and 15.
My wife (110 lbs to take 3, my son 78 lbs to take 2)
We dreamed happily that we would be cured and celebrate Xmas like never before. Didn't work out that way. The Ivermectin didn't seem to make any more of a difference than the albendazole or the pyrantel pamoate or all the natural health remedies I'd been trying. Additionally I finally found and obtained samples of 3 or 4 actual pinworms and took them in to my general practitioner. He didn't want to take the sample, but he finally told me to just leave the little zip bag there on the chair and referred me back to the dermatologist. He still didn't seem convinced of pinworms even looking right at them.
In addition to the pinworms and longer things like threadworms, I was checking my underwear and I found another larger insect right there in the middle of the seat of the underpants! It was the same type of insect I had found in the couch over a month prior, when this all began. I caught it (alive) and put it in a zip back along with a couple of pinworms planning to show the derm at the next appt. My wife said it looked like a lice, to her, and I looked at online pix and had to agree. This thing was no mite! WTF was it doing in my underwear when I am changing clothes 3 or more times per day and showering 2x per day?? We don't seem to have headlice! I don't get it. No lice or pubic crabs could be found. This little lice bug, or whatever was still alive in ziplock back 5 days later! It seemed to enjoy crawling all over the dead pinworms. I honestly think these two vermin are working together somehow, as well as the tiny black mites we finally found a week or two later.
Now back to the treatment progress. Symptoms continue to worsen. Rash appeared all over my chest! also stomach and groin, shoulders, burrowing on wrists, back and sides of hands, scratch marks on sides of hips, shin, feet. Rash broke out all over my son's back, shoulders, armpits, wife's wrists, etc.
All looking like SCABIES, -pimples that eventually burrow into lines, expanding but NEVER going away, no matter what I try!
Not sleeping. Getting up every 2 hours to spray my whole body with vinegar, alcohol, etc.
Washing with sulphur soap. Stops the itch temporarily but no help. Tried sulphur soap, sulphur 10% for 2 days (couldnt make it for the 3rd day as the itching all over my body was driving me crazy)
Couldn't afford to keep buying Ivermectin so I got the horse paste and did high doseage for 5 days straight for all of us. Finished this treatment on Xmas day.
Did not work. I'm making my own permethrin 5% lotion. Seems I can only sleep when Im slathered with a few layers of it. Researched and learned that ivermectin is old news and resistant strains have already adapted to it. Obtained Moxidectin a few days ago. I learned about it on MAXIMPULSE, a site which has been Extremely helpful. I took my first dose of the Moxi yesterday. It is terrifying because apparently this is it. If this doesnt work, there's nothing else out there that will. I read everything I can find online. I am taking my Moxi as a weight based dose for a 250lb man. Instructions say it stays in the system so the dose can't be repeated for a whole month. I am dosing Albendazole simultaneously at 400mg per day for 3 day (thats all I have) Today, I also took a dbl dose of Pyrantel Pamoate, and PRAYING that God will intervene on our behalf, because I don't know what to try next.
I was afraid to use the Moxi on my young son, so I repeated the Ivermectin for him, but at a higher dose than was prescribed. Believe it or not, I trust the horse paste version of all these meds more than I trust the pharmaceuticals.
I felt dizzy and strange after taking the Moxi, had to lay down and take a nap. Slept great last night and dreamed I moved to a community where we all banded together to battle against these parasitic invaders. In the dream I was visiting the school library, it was called "6 Oaks Elementary" First good sleep and good dream I've had in weeks.
We have no idea how we got these parasites. We have no pets, although theres an outdoor cat that likes to jump into our patio occasionally and we do keep a hummingbird feeder on our railing. (after reading about bird mites I told my wife we need to get rid of it today)
Please, if anyone out there has any other insights, let me know. My sister keeps telling me to use DE, but I've already tried it. I put it all over the house and in my underwear. I was drinking it in water twice a day with all the other natural remedies I read about that didnt work. I finally stopped because our condition continued to progress. I've tried so many things only to find they only help a little or the parasites quickly adapt to them.
I fear they are far more intelligent than we realize and they can overwhelm us literally any time they want to.
I literally believe that someone has laid a curse or a hex upon us, as these things seem to be demonic and have supernatural resistance to our remedies.

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