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Help with herpes
Angellore Views: 309
Published: 29 months ago

Help with herpes

Hello. I got lip herpes when I was 18 (20 years ago).

I got tingling and a blister maybe once a year in the beginning. I learnt that taking lysine could hinder a blister from forming and remove tingling. Then something happened and I started getting tingling every month, and every time I took lysing or lots of cheese and the tingling would disappear. I think the reason why I get it so often is that there might be a dysfunction in my hormones after taking two "the day after" pill- in one month. The pills made me loose my period and then it got better but still reduced with 3 days from how it was before. It was some time after that I started getting it every month so it might be that. When I was pregnant I could eat whatever I wanted, even nuts! And not get a single tingle. So maybe hormone related. I also think that maybe my immune system has got to relax too much around the virus since I always take lysine when it tingles.

Anyways. latest thing.. I was making out with my bf and it started tingling in my nose (which had gotten saliva in it from the French kissing. We then saw a little bump on his lip and I said a don't want to kiss anymore if that is a blister. He kissed me on my cheek and eyes after that. After that it continued to itch in my nose and started itching where he had kissed me in the face too. I should have just gone to get antivirus then, I don't know why I didn't. Anyways.. it tingled so I took lysine and it stopped.. continued like this for some days.. then it stopped itching for some days.. came back.. took lysine.. etc for a couple of months.

The real problem here is: I must have scratched my nose in sleep and then scratched inside my ear / inside my eye because it started itching there too.

Now I started getting minimal discomfort from one ear and itching from inside the eyelid, yesterday it felt like something was in my eye.. I took a bath and got water in my ear and it hurt. I was thinking this probably happens to people all the time, I just notice it more because I use to watch out for symptoms and take lysine. I stopped taking lysine because I was thinking that maybe that is what is making it come back right away when the lysine leaves my body.. since the immune system isn't triggered by it then.

Anyways.. what do I want with this post.. Well does anyone have any suggestion for me? I was to the doctor today and got valaclovir but I don't think it actually kills the virus, just slows it down so the immune system can fight it. So I guess that is good.. I think I will not take lysine even if it starts itching in my eyes since it should be ok. I wish I would have gotten antivirus when it first started itching so much, then it wouldn't have spread to eyes and ears.

Can I zap somewhere in my spine to move the virus? I saw that the facial muscles go into the brain and seems to disappear, but I thought that the virus was rooted in the spine? Anyone who has any type of tips for me would be greatly appreciated!

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