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Re: The bible is not the 100% God breathed book institutionalized religion proclaims it to be.
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Published: 5 years ago
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Re: The bible is not the 100% God breathed book institutionalized religion proclaims it to be.

I did actually predict and anticipate more of your personal attacks Rainy, it seems that in the state of hard heartedness and dogmatic hostility and aggressiveness you are in that you just can't help yourself. I overwhelmingly believe it's a spirit of religion and religious conformity that has overtaken you among other things. You are appalled that someone would dare think for themselves apart from the institutionalized religious system to which you have sold yourself out... and appalled that someone would dare to believe differently from you.
Due to your extreme level of Religious hostility and extreme loyalty to your institutionalized religious system master, you have the hardest time simply dialoguing about differing ideas in a respectful manner.

Since you bring up cults rainy, the real cult, the giant oversized cult, is institutionalized christianity itself, originally birthed in the heavily paganized Catholic church. You have immersed yourself in that cult and its lies and you have become a cheerleader for that false system and its false teachings. The cult you joined Rainy began as Catholicism and morphed into what is now a combination of Catholicism, protestantism and anything else that trusts in its Catholic forefathers in many ways and calls itself Christianity.

Two of that cult's greatest lies that have deceived so many religious conformists like yourself are the lie of the 100% God breathed bible and the lie of the three person golden calf trinity God whereas your own bible makes it so abundantly clear in thousands of verses that the God of Jesus and the God of everybody else is God the Father and Him alone. The God of Jesus is not a trinity but you are willing to trust what your giant pagan influenced institutionalized religious cult forced upon you by telling you that if you don't believe as they do then you can't be part of their cult.

Undiscerning religious conformists like yourself who place so much trust in the false teachings of institutionalized religion build your relationship with God around these lies. I am not saying that you have no relationship with God at all, but what you have is severely tainted by these religious lies you have allowed to become such an integral part of yourself. I would simply encourage you to stop placing so much faith in that counterfeit system, in the whore church which has you under its spell including its massive cultish delusion about its bible being 100% God breathed and perfect which is a delusion that you have fallen for because you have not allowed the Holy Spirit to teach you, but instead you have entrusted institutionalized religion to do the Holy Spirit's job for you.

You are heavily in bondage to false religion and its lies rainy and you are following in the footsteps of your Catholic forefathers by defending your massive overgrown institutionalized religious cult with personal attacks against those who do not belong to your cult and who are thus not caught up in the same lies that have overtaken you. You are following in the footsteps of your Catholic predecessors who have scorned and even tortured and murdered people for not agreeing with it's dogma and you have the same religiously arrogant and hateful spirit towards those who dare to have broken free from your cult and its false and dogmatic teachings.

You are in idolatry to the Catholic 3 person God that is not the God of Jesus and not the God of your bible... and as well you are in idolatry to a book, ascribing a God-like perfection to this book that simply does not exist and never has, making it into a sort of golden calf and allowing it to be your god.

As well, you have conveniently and cowardicely avoided answering a simple question in relation to what your discernment tells you about the double standard that i had mentioned in your so called 100% God breathed book that falsely portrays the Heavenly Father as demanding that wives be stoned to death for the identical unfaithfulness that is perfectly permissible for their husbands. i hope and pray that you are able to stop being a slave to your massive Catholic born cult of institutionalized religion and its false teachings and that you are able to break free from the bondage in which this system and its lies have you trapped. Wishing you the very best. God bless.

ps: Just because you have placed so much trust in institutionalized religion and have allowed this false, dogmatic massive cult to so deeply deceive you with its false teachings, please do not imagine that i am like you and that i do not seek the Living God for myself. Unlike with you rainy, no video, no institution and no cult, however small or massive (like the massive mainstream cult to which you belong and so fanatically defend) is going to tell me what to believe. God directly broke me free of the delusion of the 100% God breathed bible about 25 years ago as well as any tendency to be gullible, naive and trusting of institutionalized religion along with it. This took place shortly after i was baptized in His Holy Spirit and what He taught me in this time of intimate prayer night after night did not come through any book, article, video or any other person. Unlike you Rainy, i actually do follow Jesus' teachings to be taught not by institutionalized religion but by the Holy Spirit. Anything i read or listen to is always done with actual discernment, discernment which you have traded in for the lie of the supposedly perfect bible along with other lies of institutionalized religion that you have allowed yourself to be so deeply indoctrinated and overtaken by.

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