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Re: Warning against institutionalized religious Dogma.
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Published: 4 years ago
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Re: Warning against institutionalized religious Dogma.

And still, sadly, you are unable to recognize that these unrelenting pre-emptive personal attacks of yours represent an immature and dysfunctional form of communication and this is not the kind, gracious, loving and Godly way of handling the expression of your differing religious opinions.

Anybody can just as easily initiate identical unrelenting personal attacks against you and your religious beliefs insisting that you are the one in the wrong. Such personal attacks do not prove that you are right nor do they accomplish anything whatsoever in lending even an ounce of real support to your doctrinal positions. All it really comes down to Rainy is that you are seeking to emotionally and religiously bully others with your hostilities.

Is it impossible for you to simply debate an issue without denigrating the individual who does not agree with your dogmatic opinions? Are you unable to contain yourself from launching into these personal attacks? If you are unable to contain your hostility or even better yet to eliminate the hostility from within your heart that causes you to act out in this way, then i would sincerely encourage you to consider what spirit are you really being led by when this is happening?

The problem here is that in your dogmatic certainly of your Catholic originated doctrines, you act out in arrogance, hostility and personal mean spiritedness, none of which are the least bit healthy, mature, respectful, or fruitful.

If you are sincerely wanting to show love and concern for another human being who does not agree with your varying points of Catholic dogma, there are far better ways of showing it.

Do you imagine yourself street preaching and eliciting this kind of hostility and hatred against those with whom you disagree and calling it love? If so, i believe that's a special form of self-deception all its own that you are caught up in.

Since i don't believe in the Catholic originated dogma of eternal torment in hell which just as with the trinity dogma goes against the preponderance of what your own bible teaches, even when taking into account the institutionalized religious lying scribes bad habit of mistranslating multiple words into the word "hell" and other words which mean "temporary" into the word "eternity" to propagate another lying doctrine, i am not hyper-zealously concerned over the well being of your eternal soul because even though i overwhelmingly believe you to be so deeply wrong in so many areas of religious Dogma, ultimately God is loving and forgiving and you will be ok. To be perfectly honest, i am much more concerned with your hostile behavior and if God does end up disciplining you, i believe it will not be due to the false Catholic dogma you have chosen to align yourself with, but rather the bad behavior you have willfully insisted upon persisting in. Even if i did believe in eternal torment in hell for the religiously deceived, for the bible idolater, and/or for those conforming to the false Dogma of the counterfeit institutionalized religious system in any other areas, i would not be believing that launching pre-emptive personal attacks against you would be the best way to reach out in love in the hopes of helping you to overcome these false institutionalized religious teachings.

For whatever it's worth too Rainy, there are lots of forums that would suspend or ban you for your personally hostile behavior, for your vicious and unrelenting ad hominem attacks, and this forum would be doing the same if it was moderated. As i had mentioned in a previous post, it certainly has a rule in place against the very type of emotionally bullying and abusive behavior you choose to pre-emptively launch into when people disagree with you in certain areas of Catholic originated Dogma. I would encourage you to consider that maybe there is valid reasoning behind these rules.

God bless.

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