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Re: message edited as it did not read right
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Published: 4 years ago
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Re: message edited as it did not read right

Hi Tansy,

I know that you agree with Rainy and with popular mainstream religious opinion pertaining to the doctrines of the 100% God breathed bible and the doctrine that God is a trinity and so i recognize that the tendency would be to side with her on these topics which given your beliefs is perfectly understandable. I also overwhelmingly believe that the reason you sided with Rainy in the 20 personal attacks she initiated is that this was a simple extension of siding with her beliefs surrounding the bible and the trinity and you did not separate her beliefs from her behavior.

I had said earlier that it seemed that you were siding with her bad behavior out of friendship loyalty and favoritism which was biasing your perspective and i continue to believe that this is one important aspect of what is going on, but the reality that you agree with her on these doctrines completes the full reason that you feel Rainy can behave as abusively as she wants to defend these doctrines and you feel it justifies her bad behavior.

It is quite apparent to me that if the roles had been reversed and if Rainy had been the one behaving graciously and respectfully in this thread... with me then launching a pre-emptive strike with the identical 20 personal attacks against her that she initiated against me, you would have come to her defense just as you came to her defense with the roles reversed and with Rainy being the one who pre-emptively initiated the personal attacks. In either case, you were going to side with Rainy's behavior no matter how bad it was because of your agreement with her position on the Religious system's bible and the religious system's Trinity doctrine.

You are free to deny this all you want and you are free to falsely accuse me all you want - and maybe you are simply oblivious to what you are doing... which i recognize as a very real possibility - but to me it is patently obvious that this is the dynamic at play. I am not sure what or whom you hold yourself accountable to, but in all sincerity i hold myself accountable to the Living God and to His Spirit which lives within me. I feel that if you were doing the same and if you were really hearing God and correctly discerning this situation, then you would not be so supportive of Rainy's personally abusive behavior.

My position has always been that it's possible for you and others to agree with Rainy doctrinally without necessarily agreeing with her long established personally abusive tactics when she encounters others who have differing opinions.

Since the following is another theme you have been expressing, i want to address it here. I know you see Rainy as trying to help me and i trust that you are sincere about this. I also trust that in Rainy's own extremely disrespectful way she also believes that she was trying to help me, specifically she was trying to help me to believe what she believes about different aspects of popular institutionalized religious opinion that originated in the Catholic church. But are you able to see that i was equally trying to help her and everybody else to gain freedom from untruthful areas of institutionalized religious indoctrination by sharing what i shared?... and that helping others towards truth was the entire point of the thread that i started?

My perspective has always been that Rainy and i each believe we are correct and we each want to help others towards whatever we each believe to be truth. I am pretty sure that everybody in the Christianity Debate forum has the same idea in mind, in other words, they want to encourage people to see things the way they see them since they believe their perspectives are the correct ones. Based upon the reality that you agree with Rainy's doctrinal opinions and disagree with mine, do you only perceive that she was trying to help me but not that i was trying to help her? I ask this because given your words to this point, that's what you seem to have been saying.

My perspective as well is that initiating personal attacks is not the healthy and Godly way of going about interacting with someone you are supposedly trying to help, but unfortunately, this is what Rainy decided to do in this instance, just as she has repeatedly done in multiple past instances where people had a different opinion from her and from mainstream religion in general and where she has looked upon this as a license to launch into personal ad hominem attacks rather than simply supporting her beliefs in a decent and respectful manner. Unfortunately you have chosen to fully enable her in her bad behavior.

You also said that i seem to be speaking to everybody in the forum, but who in a public forum that starts a thread to share their beliefs is not doing this? Taking you as just one example Tansy, if you did not want the entire forum to see your posts, then why are you posting here?

After my initial post stating my beliefs in exposing a vitally detrimental false teaching of the institutionalized religious system, Rainy then took it upon herself to make it personal by launching into her tirade of 20 personal attacks against me.

Aside from any conclusions being drawn as to whether you feel her behavior was acceptable or not, or whether or not you feel it was justifiable, when you read through the thread with any honesty and fair mindedness in your heart at all, are you at least able to recognize and acknowledge that this is what happened?

More on the issue of this whole idea of seeking a public audience, if Rainy really felt the need to personally attack me and/or to show supposedly loving concern for me through these personal attacks, she could have done so in private, but it is she that decided to initiate a personal war in the public forum. It is apparently she that wanted a public audience for her personal attacks.

Sometimes the enemy gets involved and causes people to perceive everything in reverse.

I hope this helps you to perceive this situation more accurately.

God bless you.

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