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Re: Warning against institutionalized religious Dogma.
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Published: 5 years ago
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Re: Warning against institutionalized religious Dogma.

Wow that was a surprisingly hostile and angry response to my kind and practical suggestions. Once again you demonstrate that your intentions to grow were not sincere.

In every instance throughout our entire history rainy including throughout any emails we have exchanged in years gone by, it has always been you to pre-emptively initiate the hostile personal attacks. In general, it is the more spiritually immature individual who will pre-emptively initiate these personal attacks and every time you do this, you reinforce how spiritually immature you are. This unfortunate negative character trait of yours is so deeply ingrained that I expect you have been this way since early childhood and apparently you still have no intention whatsoever of changing it.

To answer your questions Rainy, i do follow the standards i expressed to you. Specifically I follow the standards modeled by Lord Jesus Himself. He was not the pre-emptive initiator of personal attacks the way you are and neither am i, but there are many examples where He has responded to the pre-emptive personal attacks of others with personal attacks of His own including by calling His dogmatic instititutionalized religious enemies hypocrites, brood of vipers, blind guides and sons of their father the devil.

According to the Lord Jesus' many examples which He modeled, it is not in itself a sin to respond to a personal attack with a personal attack of your own. Your problem is that you are consistently the one to pre-emptively initiate these personal attacks, just as the pharisees did against Jesus. Please hear me Rainy. The key here is that you are the initiator just as you were with your 20 pre-emptive personal attacks in this thread, just as you were in threads of about 2 or 3 months ago, just as you were in the eternal torment thread that comes to mind a couple years back, and just as you were in posts of several years ago and our emails from several years back.

The reason brown and white are not exchanging ad hominem personal attacks is that neither of them pre-emptively initiates them the way you do. They both have the human decency, maturity and respectfulness to not be the one to dip into the gutter. Where you and i are concerned Rainy, the initiator of these hostilities has always been you. If i debated brown and white, there would be no personal attacks because neither they nor i would be willing to stoop down into the gutter to initiate such an attack as you have made a lifestyle of doing. This absence of ad hominem attacks is also true in the various dialogues i have had with Trapper over the past few months. But if you were to debate Brown and White Rainy... well dipping into the gutter and being the one to wickedly pre-emptively initiate personal attacks is all you know.

Since the Holy Spirit did not teach you to be the pre-emptive initiator of hostile and angry ad hominem personal attacks and since this has long been such a prolific and deeply ingrained habit of yours, what spirit do you think taught you to be this way and what spirit has been reinforcing this all these years? What spirit do you think you are listening to every time you repeat this same wicked pattern of behavior?

In your stubbornness and in your apparent willful desire to remain a slave to sin, you have not allowed the Holy Spirit to teach you to overcome this exceedingly fleshy attitude and deplorable behavior. This is a deep issue of sin Rainy that you have never repented of.


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