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How to answer chemtrails deniers
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Published: 23 months ago

How to answer chemtrails deniers

 How I answer the negative arguments of chemtrails deniers: 

1) Denier: “ only contrails exist“ .
Answer: I am 61 years old and left USA to live in south america before chemtrailing started in 1997. Only in November 2018 did chemtrails start here in remote Paraguay where there is next to zero air traffic. Chemtrails are different than contrails. I have never witnessed a contrail not dissipate. Chemtrails gradually spread out into a wispy dispersion of their metallic powders. I am experienced now and can easily spot a chemtrail in any of its many stages. And they cause an irritation in my muscles and joints, something no vapor trail can do. Chemtrails are not contrails gone wild. And if you look at House Resolution 2977 (year 2001) you will see the word chemtrails used as one of the space weapons the bill is referring to. see  For more proofs go to
2) the cost would be too high.
No, the estimated cost is around 10 billion dollars a year which is just a small portion of all the money that the governments black budget gets each year.
3) the people organizing and doing the “spraying” are breathing the same air.  
Which proves my theory that evil people are stupid. The people that detonated the 2000 nuclear explosions so far never retreated into houses with air filters to remove radioactive fallout. They even sometimes exposed themselves to the radioactivity of the blasts. Stupid evil people!
4) You would need the complicity and silence of millions and millions of people.
No, just a few generals and high ranking people in the Air Force and the chemtrail pilots. Getting military people to be silent is a piece of cake because they signed on to support the military no matter what, and persons like Chelsea Manning who turned whistleblower are few and far between and everyone knows what punishment Chelsea received and they don’t want the same to happen to them. And there are just a few commercial airlines and so just a handful of people at each of the major airports would know and would be basically threatened by the military or a CIA officer to not disclose this secret because it will be promoted as vital to national security. So saying that millions of people would be involved is a gross exaggeration but that type of low hand tactic is expected from the government and the people they’ve duped.
5) It would do nothing that wasn’t better achieved by other means.
So you actually think it is logical to deny the reality of something because you think there is a better way to do it? Really? How they try to achieve their goal is totally up to them. Maybe they chose a stupid way to do it just so no one would believe it.
6) It would cost more than anything else the human race has ever attempted to do. 
No, the estimated cost is around 10 billion dollars a year which is just a small portion of all the money that the governments black budget gets each year.
7) You would need the smartest people who have ever walked the earth to pull this off.
Not at all. Actually it is pretty stupid when you analyze it which fits the military just right since hardly any of them are smart at all. It is evil, not smart.
8) chemtrails can’t be real because the government is concerned about smaller problems for our health.
The government puts up the front that they are concerned for us but in reality they are just a big business and we are just a number to them. And the idea is infecting all governments that there are too many people using up the renewable resources each year in only 6 months and so they believe the population has to be halved.
9) Another reason to deny “chemtrails” is to not appear stupid when in conversations. 
Ha! Any informed person who is bold when debating can make any chemtrail denier look like the fool. I have made CIA propaganda agents look foolish because they have nothing more than the same weak arguments I see commonly presented.
10) no big population reduction has happened due to chemtrails.
The goal isn’t a drastic population drop right now. Heavy metal toxicity will lower immunity so that when the next big virus hits many will drop like flies. Meanwhile they are content to kill off the old and the sickly, a type of eugenics. Alzheimers deaths have already rose by 55% in 15 years due to aluminum from chemtrails.
11) Spraying the air is less effective than putting it in drinking water.
Chemtrails affects the lungs and skin as well as the body. Water born substances wouldn’t directly affect the lungs or skin. Also we cant second guess them because they know much more about their project and plans than we do. If they also want to affect agriculture then spraying is better because most farms get their water via wells that tap into underground aquifers. Spraying the ground insures they can control agriculture by forcing farmers to buy aluminum resistant seeds.
12) there has been a study of climate experts that negated the belief in chemtrails.
That study basically just asked their opinions which were already previously biased towards the conventional idea that chemtrails don’t exist. A true scientific approach would be to ask experts who had no previous bias. Or better yet not even depend on opinions and instead just rely on air, rainfall, and soil samples to see if they contain unexplainable amounts of aluminum and other metals. Oh wait that has already been done and the result was that all three were with unexplainably high levels of aluminum and other metals. Well it is unexplainable only if you refuse to acknowledge the obvious cause is chemtrails.
13) The US Air Force stated that it is "not conducting any weather modification experiments or programs and has no plans to do so”.
Their denial may be taken as proof of its existence since the US government is famous for misleading the public.
14) The subject of chemtrails is seldom covered by the mainstream media, and when they are, they are usually cast as an example of anti-government paranoia.
The mainstream media is anything but a neutral source of news reporting. They are all owned by a few major corporations and they have also been infiltrated by CIA agents or people getting money from the CIA to promote and deny according to their whims. Look up Operation Mockingbird which was a CIA project to influence public opinion starting in the 50’s.
15) If chemtrails is just to fight global warming then they would just announce it.
That global warming excuse is what they tell the pilots but it is obvious they are conducting weather warfare. 
In 1977, the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution prohibiting the hostile use of environmental modification techniques. The resulting “Convention on the Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Technique (ENMOD)”  committed the signatories to refrain from any military or other hostile use of weather-modification which could result in widespread, long-lasting, or severe effects.
So because it is illegal they can’t admit to it.
16) WW2 bombers left long generous contrails behind them which conspiracy nuts would call chemtrails. 
Yes but those fat contrails were at 25,000 ft so the planes wouldn’t be seen. This video told their altitude and that the temp was -40C (-72F). The chemtrailing we see is much lower, typically 10,000 ft where it isn’t cold enough to leave long fat contrails.
17) The chemtrails theory is only a paranoid delusion.
It is completely natural and normal to be somewhat fearful of something harmful such as chemtrails. Fear can motivate us to take precautions such as buying the OION Technologies B-1000 ionic air purifier to filter the chemtrails powder out of our indoor air. What parent wouldn’t teach their toddler to be fearful of crossing the street? The government would want us to believe that the powders parts per million is too small to be a health threat but the reality is that metals like what are being sprayed with can accumulate over time to unhealthy levels in the body. Aluminum ultimately causes Alzheimers which used to be a disease of the elderly but now people in their 40’s are getting it.
see my video on how to counteract chemtrails in your body:

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